6 Obvious Mistakes Every Freelance Designer Make

If you are into freelancing for over the years, chances are that you have made mistakes or if you are new into the field you will make them sooner or later. No matter how many tutorials you go through, helpful tips and tricks you read about, you will not know till you are yourself handling the design projects yourself. But then, it is better to learn from others’ mistake than to commit them yourself and then learn. After all, we don’t have time to make them all, right?

We have talked about How You Should Not Disappoint Your Design Clients and What Freelance Designers Should Learn From Dogs in detail few days back. We hope you liked these articles. Today, we planned to come up with something that will add to your know-how on obvious mistakes that freelance designers tend to make and think freelancing is proving to be a failure without even realizing the mistakes they are making.

Not only this many freelance designers reach the level of quitting and looking for other options to earn their living. Its better to learn from mistakes not just yours instead of others and avoid the same to enjoy freelancing. Admit it or not we all are bound to make mistakes no matter which field we are in and there is no such way that ensures you to avoid every single mistake but you can minimize the level.With the anticipation that you all will be able to avoid some mistakes if you are making any of them unintentionally here I begin discussing about the obvious mistakes freelance designers make.

The Obvious Mistakes Every Freelance Designer Make

1. Underestimating the Importance of Signing a Contract

In a job you are an employee and not in direct contact with the client. You don’t have to bother about payments and other important things, your boss does the needful. Being a freelance web designers is totally different. Here you are your own boss. You have to deal with the clients which asks you to be smart enough to handle them wisely.

Talking about signing a contract, it is an important thing to do before you finally take up a project. Even if you are a friend with your client and share a good rapport with them, it is important to sign the contract which is prepared very carefully.


2. Not Knowing Your Worth

Not only those who are new in this field instead lot many designers out there don’t realize their worth and charge the clients randomly and later realize its a small amount for the hard work, time and skills you have put in. Ofcourse, I am not trying to tell you that your worth will determine the exact amount you should charge but then it is wise to determine your worth and charge accordingly for the services you provide. Don’t get stuck charging too little.


3. Not Delivering in Parts

Remember when I last talked about delivering the project in parts? Yes, in my article about the smart ways to del with the non-paying clients. This is a mistake which designers tend to make until they end up meeting an irritating client. Why land up in such a situation? There is no point putting in the hard work and investing your valuable time to end the project and send it complete in all due respect to and just sit back waiting for the feedback and payment from the client.

Designing is one field in which there are more chances that client will not get impressed in the first go instead ask you to go back and forth and making changes. It is always better to create sub-deadlines and deliver different parts of the project regularly.


4. Not Being Able To Make Out If Your Client Won’t Pay

There are many freelance web designers who are newbie and are not able to make out if the clients will turn out to be bad payers. Not that its the matter of time that determines if freelance web designers easily make out if the clients will pay or not instead many designers tend to get mistaken and land up in a situation where they don’t get paid for their hard work.


5. Working Round The Clock

I don’t deny the fact that designers need to devote lots of time in front of their systems to complete the projects on given time period and try out lot many things to finally choose which font, theme, tool they will use but that doesn’t mean they have to work round the clock and get sleep deprived. Also, working in the monotonous routine lessens down the productivity and make you feel bored.


6. Giving up Easily

Starting the online web design business is easy but on moving further many designers fail to cope up and with few downfalls tend to feel like a failure thereby loosing hope to make a career in the field of designing. In the field of deigning, one needs to be quite patient and just keep moving.


These are the common mistakes designers tend to make and should be avoided at any cost to be successful freelance designer. Even if you are new in the field or have spent many years, you should focus on increasing your productivity and work the smart way by avoiding these above mentioned mistakes.

Important Tip : Don’t wait for making a mistake and learning from them instead learn from the mistakes of the others and avoid the same to become a successful freelance designer.


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