10 Handy Tutorial Sites to Learn WordPress

WordPress is a widely used platform to publish various items from blogs, to news to photography. Its popularity is due to in large part to its easy to use interface and customizing options. Potential designers can easily manage websites and blogs using WordPress as a platform. Many tutorials are available online in order to further simplify the usage of WordPress. From these vast numbers of online tutorial sites, we have selected these 10 as the best when it comes to learning WordPress.

1. Smashing Magazine

This website is known for designing the best WordPress themes online. Many popular themes are designed based on instructions from this site. It is also known for providing tutorials, which are really helpful for both advanced and intermediate users. Just be aware that this site releases only one tutorial each month.


2. WordPress Lessons

This site provides its users with both basic and advanced strategies to design and develop their own website. It is a perfect place for a beginner to learn all the basic and intermediate instructions related to WordPress. Every tutorial provided here is free and is available to anyone.

3. WPHub

Along with tutorials, this WordPress learning site offers themes, hosts and plugins. Wphub is another place where beginners can find free and quality WordPress tutorials.


4. WPBeginner

This site is designed to increase users’ knowledge WordPress. The step-by-step tutorials offered are really helpful and easy to understand. What separates this tutorial site from the others is that it provides real life examples and tips.


5. LevelUpTuts

This site offers both basic and advanced levels of learning through free tutorials. It is easy to pick the right tutorial, as they are arranged in a series.


6. TutsPlus

This site provides various books and courses along with free WordPress learning tutorials. The quality of the tutorials is good. Many tutorials offered by this site are related to plugins and theme development.


7. DigWP

Learn quick tips and tricks related to WordPress through the free tutorials offered by this website. Along with tips it also provides with codes that can be simply copied and pasted to a site.


8. iThemes WordPress Tutorials

This site offers many video tutorials based on WordPress customization. Using these tutorials developers can learn to design and customize through CSS.


9. WPSquared

The majority of the tutorials provided by WP Squared are related to themes and plugins. Apart from tutorials, this site provides detailed step-by-step quality guides to solve problems related to WordPress.


10. WPMuDev

Users can find a wide range of tutorials ranging from simple to complex and small to large on this site. Wpmudev is a good option for both beginners and experts to learn WordPre

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