10 Excellent Design Tips for Startups

With so many startups popping up each day, it’s absolutely important to stand out in the crowd and make people notice websites, whether they are established or new. Hopefully these few tips will help  create a better website that allows businesses to flourish.

1. Simple and User-friendly

The best way to create a great website that drives traffic is to keep it simple. Using easy navigation, clickable logos and search buttons help the visitors check websites with ease as they are familiar with these options. Unnecessary clustering with loads of graphics and options is not a great idea  A clear and crisp look is necessary to create a popular website.

2. Make it Fun

One of the best ways to stay on someone’s mind is through humor. People often forget what it is said and done, but they’ll remember the feel. So add some fun elements to websites to attract customers.

3. Picture Perfect

People, today, don’t have much time to spare. Reading elaborate descriptions is time consuming. It’s far better to describe ideas or products through a good image or photo. This allows customers to navigate through products quickly and at the same time get an idea of what is being offered.

4. Less is More

It’s a known fact that people relate faster to particular colors. But using a lot of colors on a website may confuse the visitors. Use simple colors in fewer amounts which creates a more memorable look. Just think of Facebook, Starbucks etc., they’re easily remembered by their simple color scheme.

5. Make it Readable

Most people get to know about products online these days. So it’s important that a company provides information in a readable manner. Provide enough spacing in between lines, make sure the key information is highlighted to grab the visitors’ attention and make the background lighter than the fonts or vice versa so that it stands out.

6. Distinct Fonts

While designing a startup website, keep in mind that typography is very important. It’s one of the main features to communicate with customers. Avoid using too many fonts as this may confuse the visitors but at the same time use two distinct fonts which will separate the headings and the content.

7. Understandable Call to Action

CTA or Call To Action is the obvious way of making customers hooked on a site. It’s better to use simple language which is easy to understand than use cool “slangs” which may confuse visitors.

8. Mobile App

Life is hectic and everyone is on the go. Most people access the internet via mobile phones. It’s better to create a good mobile version of a website in order to make it more popular. Make sure to include all the best features of the desktop version in the mobile app too.

9. Customer Comes First

When designing the website keep in mind the needs of the customers you hope to reach and keep.

10. Keep Improving

For  entrepreneurs, it’s absolutely important to keep testing and improving a website. This helps gain and retain customers.

Keeping these few points in mind will help create a more popular and user friendly website. Please feel free to comment with further suggestions and queries.


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