10 Best Alternatives to Photoshop in 2015

Many photographers need to retouch their images to give them that extra something and when retouching is the main concern, nothing beats PHOTOSHOP. However, Photoshop does come with a hefty price tag and can be complex and difficult to use. There are plenty of alternatives that produce the same results without the hefty price tag or the complexity. Here is a list of free or inexpensive alternatives to Photoshop which provide similar editing features.

1. Pixlr

Pixlr is probably one of the best free online image editors that offers effects close to what Photoshop can produce. It is free of charge but one drawback to Pixlr is when designers use too much layering which could create problems.


2. SumoPaint

Available for free or just for $4/ month for the pro version, SumoPaint comes with some of the coolest effects like symmetry, brushes and gradient tool along with stickers like party hats and mustaches. Although it is not as popular as Photoshop, this the light weight photo editor is pretty easy to work with and yields good results.


3. CinePaint

Although no Windows version of the editor is available, CinePaint is a pro image and video editing software which has been used to bring effects in Hollywood films in the past. The retouching and animation produced by this software is unparalleled. The tool is pretty multifaceted. The software runs smoothly on every UNIX based system.

4. Serif Photoplus X7

If you are looking for a cost effective alternative to Photoshop, Serif Photoplus X7 is perfect for you. At $125, Photoshop Serif Photoplus X7 is a high end photo editor meant for advanced designers. When you need solid editing to make quality images for a low price nothing works better than Serif Photoplus X7.



Among all the available alternatives to Photoshop found in the world today, GNU Image Manipulation Program or GIMP is supported well with a huge community and ample of tools which will allow designers to edit images like a pro. The best part is, it’s supported by most operating systems.

6. Seashore

Seashore is available with a user friendly interface and is pretty easy to use. It is equipped with brushes, layers, gradients and other major features and create the same effects as Photoshop. Although not as professional looking as Photoshop, Seashore does give good quality image editing and is available exclusively for Mac.


7. PicMonkey

Not quite as stable as yet as some of the other choices, PicMonkey still offers some good quality editing effects which are close to those provided by Instagram. It has some cool tools like wrinkle and blemish removals, but overuse may lead to undesired results.


8. Paint.NET

Power packed with all the basic editing tools that are required for transforming an image into a better version, Paint.NET is specifically meant for Windows 7 or higher. It was initially launched as an advanced version of Paint with similar user interface.

9. Krita

Krita has been promoted as one of the best available photo editing software supported by open source OS like Linux and UNIX. Although a tad bit less advanced than Photoshop, this alternative comes for free and offers editing tools which are in close comparison. Krita comes with KOffice suite which enhances its editing capabilities.


10. GrafX2

Initially launched as pixel art and mainly meant for drawing, GrafX2 comes with a lot of basic editing tools and brushes that helps designers to edit images easily and swiftly. The best part about this software is that it’s supported by multiple OS including Mac, Linux, UNIX, AmigaOS and the like.

We hope that these alternatives of Photoshop will provide no or low cost solutions for photo editing.

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