Why UI Designers Should Learn to Code

Learning is a never ending process. Correct? While writing down the tips and tricks that we feel would help our designer and developer friends, most of the time it happens that the points listed are not specifically instead some of them are general and apply to each one of us. I agree that the article of the day is to be written and dedicated entirely to UI designers, but I know at one point or the other I can go about writing terms that will be general.

Coming to the point, this article is for all you UI designers who are working day and night to ensure that the consumers get the best user-experience. If you are the one no matter for how long you have been into designing and have been working on UI designs, the fact remains that, there is no point where you can say I know it all. To survive the cut-throat competition, you need to keep enhancing your skills beyond traditional tools. You should get more know-how of functional web elements, learn coding and anything that works in favor helping you get the best desired results.

Coding? Hearing this anyone would feel like asking questions like why and how can a UI designer get into coding, how is it possible to take out time to learn how to code when one is spending maximum time in designing, is it that easy as it sounds to be?

The answer is simple! If something is helping you ease the workflow, get the right results and enhance your skills. Why not make up your mind and do it now. Learning HTML, CSS and Javascript is sure to help you enhance your skills, and change your approach towards UI design. Know why is it favorable for a UI designer to learn development skills?

Are Photoshop Skills Enough?

I agree that the anyone who wants to be a UI designer knows that getting acquainted with tools, learning pixel perfection is important but then is that enough? Getting more and more into anything you do to get the in-depth knowledge does no harm instead works in favor. So is the case with UI designing that is aimed at pixel perfection.

In today’s cut throat competition where everyone is running their mind, by the time you finally come up with a UI design you created and finally ready to be shown up, you will realise that your entire efforts went down the drain as that’s already off. Learning how to code will help you do your work faster and easily without banking on others to do that for you. Photoshop skills are must for UI designers, but then learning how to code does work in favor and you can expect to get the desired results.

Coding Will Expand Your Horizon

As a UI designer, if you learn how to code you are sure to be benefited. How it will help expand the horizon? Well, the answer is that you will no more be depending on developers who might not be available whenever you need. It will definitely make you a better designer, even if you don’t code yourself, but then when you get the work done by others, you can see to it that nothing goes wrong. Also, you can make your design as responsive as you want and expand your horizon.

There are many ways one can learn to code easily. Below are a few resources. Check them out!

Code School – Try jQuery




Introduction To HTML


This gives us an idea which we will soon come up with. Yes, it’s about resources to learn coding. Stay tuned!. Till then let us know as to what you think of the thoughts presented here as to why UI designers should learn how to code. Do you think you should start learning how to code or would you want to stick to the way it’s going on?

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