Useful WordPress Drag and Drop Plugins

Drag and Drop is one of the most preferred ways of editing, customizing or creating pages on WordPress. It is equally appreciated by developers and non-technical staff due to the fact that it seldom requires any coding to produce a page. They are simple and yet effective. This helps to create professional looking pages and saves a lot of time in the process.

1. Page Builder by SiteOrigin

Built by SiteOrigin, Page Builder is probably one of the most popular plugins which is used to build pages for WordPress. It allows users to create interactive grids and column based pages to which galleries can be added. This free plugin is compatible with most WordPress widgets and works smoothly on mobile platforms as well. It is multilingual, regularly upgraded and requires no coding.


2. Aqua Page Builder

This is one of the coolest Drag and Drop WordPress plugins which allows users to create an innumerable number of WordPress theme templates in a simple and hassle free manner. The fact that it uses the same interface as that of the WordPress admins page helps users to be comfortable with the site. It allows designers to use countless filters while developing and is well integrated with WordPress import/export.


3. Live Composer Lite

Easy to install and activate and even easier to use, this WordPress plugin helps designers to build pages while they are on the page so that they know exactly how it will look to the visitors. Live Composer Lite doesn’t look like the admin’s page so designers won’t have to switch back and forth to check the user’s interface. After activation it allows users to simply Drag and Drop the required editing on the page they are working on.


4. Beaver Builder

This is a front-end Drag and Drop page building plugin for people who doesn’t know how to code. It allows designers to create beautiful layouts of WordPress pages with a variety of customized widgets which are compatible with those of WordPress. It also allows the freedom of using the 15 preloaded page templates already available on the site. Users can also add certain advanced modules along with a bunch of basic ones.


5. PixGridder

Just as the name suggests, this plugin is more like a grid builder which allows users to classify the various contents of a page into well defined grids for further use. This Drag and Drop plugin is one of the easiest grid builders available which allows designers to use tinyMCE to customize pages in form of columns and rows. Designers can also customize each of the columns or rows individually with the help of default WordPress text editor.


6. WR Page Builder

WR Page Builder is a simple Drag and Drop plugin which allows designers to edit and create WordPress pages very easily but with the same efficiency as that of an advanced editor. It allows designers to add various modules to the page they are creating and customizes them with ease. The best part of this plugin is that a users doesn’t need to know coding to use it.


7. Minimax

If you know how to use WordPress, you will know how to use this super simple plugin too. Requiring no coding knowledge, Minimax is compatible with all the themes of WordPress and it allows users to export and import the page layouts along with the building of landable pages and pages with all the important modules. Just a few clicks will allow users to edit the pages with super ease and use the predefined modules to improve the look and feel of the modules.


These are some of the most useful Drag and Drop WordPress plugins which can even be used by a layman or a non-technical staff to make a page with all the necessary modules and components. They create pages which are compatible with both the desktop and mobile versions of WordPress.

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