Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – May 2014

Tools we all know not only in the tech world instead in normal day to day lives too help in making the tasks easier, less time consuming and hassle-free. To talk about designers and developers, they have not just one instead many tasks/projects to handle. While handling these projects, they wish to get a helping hand to make their tasks easier and that doesn’t take the toll on their time and efforts.

It is for this reason that some creative genius think out of the box and come up with the helpful tools, apps and websites that are being rolled out every now and then.

The real struggle is to look for the apt one readily available. We at TheNeoDesign continuously make efforts to help all those of you who are looking for such useful tools, apps and websites for designers and developers that claim to lend a helping hand. Check out our monthly listicle of the same which I am sure you all would find worth it!

Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – May 2014

1. Jeet Grid System

This is a grid system for humans. Jeet Grid System enables users to express your page grid the same way a human would describe it. It is ideal tool for handling various projects.


2. CSSDeck

CSSDeck is an online tool that is created with the aim to help users make testcases and share with other people on IRC, forums, StackOverflow that ensure to help them solve their coding problems.


3. Deploy 5

Deploy 5 is a professional HTML5 app deployment. This 5apps Deploy is a turn-key deployment and hosting platform for client-side web apps.


4. Crumpet

This is a simple framework that making optimum use of placeholder selectors reduces the size of HTML to make it easier for users to create responsive sites. 


5. Webflow 

Designing interactions and animations websites goes easy without having to write code. All thanks to this wonderful tool namely Webflow. For those who wish to make use of this tool, you will get a 14-day free trial and will be charged after that.



HTML5Up is a cool tool that comes with HTML5 site templates to be used in different projects. These templates are fully responsive, easily customizable, built on intelligent CSS3 and HTML5 and are released free under a Creative Commons license.


7. Gridzzly

This is an online service that offers custom printable grid paper from which you can choose as these are available in variety of styles including dot grids and line grids. Simply choose your grid size using the slider and print a sheet that fits their specific needs.


8. CSS Vocabulary

CSS Vocabulary is a simple app that is readily available for developers to learn important CSS terms.  Click on the part you want to learn and the name will be highlighted in the sidebar.  latest-designing-developing-tools


This is an In-Browser Test Management that enables users to test their web app live in the browser. Its an apt tool for developers to make optimum use in their different projects. 


10. Cody

At Cody designers can find free and ready-to-use html/css/js snippets to learn new tricks or speed up their projects.


11. Slowy

Slowy is a tool that helps users in simulating custom connection’s conditions and limiting the network traffic to a specified destination port or interface.


12. Kaku

This is an Adobe Photoshop plugin that enables users to translate their text layers into different languages. Pick up a text layer, set the original language and the one to translate to and a new text layer will be added to their document with the translated text. Its as simple as that!


13. Leaving Pixels Behind

Leaving Pixels Behind makes the web works easier for designers. It is a slideshow with a vector workflow for designers from Todd Parker. In all there are 130+ slides, valuable tips for designers working with vector images or illustrations to make optimum use of each.


14. Devcasts

This is a developer screen casting tool that lets users to discover quality screencasts and become a better developer in an easy manner.


15. The Style Guide Guide

The Style Guide Guide is a listing of styleguide generators for Node.JS, Gulp, Grunt, Ruby, and PHP that is the perfect online resource for developers.  latest-designing-developing-tools

16. is an app that transforms almost any website into a table of data or a Structured API without asking the user to write the code.


17. Captain Icon

This comprises a set of 350 free vector icons available for mobile and website designs each of which can be scaled to any size without compromising on quality.


18. Iconion 

As the name hits this is an icon generator that lets users to easily convert any icon font into PNG icons by adding color, shadows, backgrounds, gradients and much more. 


19. Isomer

This is an isometric graphics library for HTML5 canvas that is licensed for free under the MIT License.Comprising of various Shape, Point, and Color, and divided into three basic components Isomer is an ideal tool that ensures to help designers in miscellaneous projects.


20.  Triangly

Triangly allows designers to build a portfolio for their work by adding their files to Dropbox without having to bother about number of projects. 


21. Project Parfait

Project Parfait lets users to add extra color, gradient, and font information, copy text and CSS, save web-optimized images and much more.


22. JS Manners 

JS Manners online tool helps in scoring scripts that third parties provide. Easy to use, this tool is worth using.


23. Gumby

Gumby responsive CSS Framework that helps developers in getting right framework to throw a beautiful, responsive website together in short span of time.


24. Appgyver Composer

Appgyver Composer is an app from Appgyver that allows to bootstrap high-quality mobile apps with drag and drop elements, full native support, easily create complex logics and many more cool features.


With this we come to an end of this month’s list of useful tools, apps and websites for designers and developers. If you have any such tool that you think would prove useful to our designer and developer friends do let us know. We would love to update our list and share the same with our readers.

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