Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – July 2014

Over the past few years we have been witnessing a boom in the number of tools, apps and websites that are proving quite helpful in making their task easier. There are lot many times when designers and developers get stuck in between and come across daunting tasks. Here is when tools and apps come into play.

Each month we come up with a vast list of such helpful tools and apps for all our designers and developer friends from which they can pick according to the need of the hour. Also, we make sure to mention previous monthly listicles incase anyone of you missed them out. Not only this, I am sure all know about the weekly updates of the same.

Below is the list of best tools and apps of the month of July. Check them out and don’t forget to check out  Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – May 2014.

Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – July 2014

1. Notification Style Inspiration

Notifications are an important part of websites and web applications.  Notification Styles Inspiration is a tool that helps designers in coming up with their notification UI as easily as possible.


2. Affinity Designer

This is a vector art and design program Mac. Its a smart alternative to Adobe Illustrator and is definitely worth trying out.


3. Social Good Ipsum

Ipsum Lorem is popular collection of Latin words used by web designers. Here is a cool tool namely Social Good Ipsum that provides socially acceptable causes for the web designers to ease their task.


4. CSS Colorgaurd 

CSS Colorguard is created with the aim to help users in maintaining the color set that they want. It also warns them when colors you’ve added are similar to ones that already exist. Besides it is easily configurable.

5. Concise

Concise is an easily customizable tool that is tinkered with and hacked easily. It comes with a nice front-end framework that adds to its charm. 


6. Base

This is a responsive framework which besides being super-fast is lightweight, includes styles for typography, lists, tables, blockquotes, forms and much more.


7. Pagekit

This is a modern content management system that comes with features like Markdown editor, blogging capabilities, widgets, built-in marketplace that lets you access free and commercial software.


8. Morphi

Morphi is one smart intuitive mobile 3D modeling and design platform for touchscreens. Besides helping users in prototyping, this app helps in visualization, making functional products and wearables, and much more. 


9. Coleure

Coleure is a a tool made by Rolando Murillo and Giorgio Leveroni. Its a color picker with a curated color stack that is inspired by Pantone.


10. ArnoldC

ArnoldC is a programming language that is based on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s one liners.


11. Pop

Pop is a free iOS and Android app for users to help them take photos of their paper prototypes and simulate the actual site interactions from those paper mockups with ease.


12. is a free code snippet tool provides users with free, private storage facility for users. It includes search option to let users find what they need and syntax highlighting.


13. WPCore

WPCore is a tool that enables users in managing collections of their favourite WordPress plugins. With it users can build and manage WordPress plugin collections easily and speedily.


14. Intense Image Viewer

Intense Image Viewer is a JavaScript library that lets users view images in a fully full screen. The tool makes sure to fill your browser’s entire viewport with the image.


15. Responsive Logos

Responsive logos is a library of unique cool logos. It provides users with a cool range of logos from which users can pick one for themselves and resize their browser to see the reductions based on screen size.


16. Find Guidelines on The Web

Find Guidelines is a website that links to the brand logos of renowned online companies like Mozilla, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook.


17. DevShelf

DevShelf is a modern web application that helps developers in getting relevant information regarding various development technologies easily.


18. Odyssey

Odyssey is a nice tool for journalists, designers and creators who wish to weave interactive stories. The Odyssey Sandbox gives you an easy way for testing the Odyssey library and mix written narrative into a beautiful map driven story.


19. Tackk

Tackk is a simple and easy tool for creating beautiful pages on the web. You need to use it to understand what its all about and how it simplifies your tasks.


20. CheckiO

CechkiO is a community that helps developers improve their code. It makes you learn things in fun manner.


21. Scrapfy

Developers who sometime feel the need of comparing code or seek help can make optimum use of Scrapfy which is a tool that lets users simultaneously work on code with their team.


22. Tavern

 Tavern was formerly named Forrst. Its the latest private release from Zurb. Wish to know what its about? Tavern is an online tool that lets designers share their experiences, get feedback and validation from the community, share their opinions on design and likewise.


Which one of the above tools would be your pick if given a choice and why? Obviously one reason would be that it solves the purpose. Well, if you have used any one these tools, do share your reviews with us. Drop in your valuable comments, we would love to hear your viewpoint.


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