Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – August 2014

With each passing week and month, our belief that ingenious minds are doing their part to lend helping hand to ensure the job of designers and developers gets easy. There is no question about the utility and smart functionality of the tools, apps and websites that we come up with.

You all know by now why are we making so many efforts to prepare our compilations for your reference. It’s done in the quest to help narrow down your search of useful tools, apps and websites. With the anticipation that these resources are proving helpful for your various endeavours here we are with another list of useful tools for designers and developers for the month of August 2014.

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Useful Tools for Designers and Developers – August 2014

1. Marka

Marka is a set of basic transforming icons that are done with JavaScript and JSON. There are basic  geometric shapes like triangles and squares like check marks and asterisks.


2. Gravit

Gravit is a tool that lets users boost their creativity. Its a new and fresh thinking open source design tool for expressing yourself in all new way.


3. is a a beautiful Lorem Ipsum generator that generates text speedily. It specifies how many characters, words, sentences or paragraphs you want.


4.  Visual Designers Checklist for the Web

Its name says it all! This is a general workflow checklist for visual designers working within a team. It lets you share visual exploration and comps with a other developer.


5. Triangly

Triangly is the world’s first personal branding platform for designers and other creative geniuses.


6. Web Starter kit

From Google here comes a boilerplate and toolkit for multi-device development that makes sure you’re following the Web Fundamentals guidelines while building great multi-device web experiences for your clients.


7. Frontenda

Create responsive templates in minutes with the cool tool named Frontenda that’s a drag and drop Bootstrap 3 EVObuilder. It lets you create responsive templates in three simple steps.  



Remembering codes is one daunting task that no one would want to do. Here is a tool that will do the job for you. is a free code snippet tool that keeps all your best coding moments safe and private like a safe storage system.


9. Kuoto Swiss

Wish someone came forward to help you code faster and easily?  Here is a complete CSS framework and toolbox for Stylus. Kouto Swiss provides you with a lot of mixins, functions and utilities letting you code faster and easily.


10. YouiDraw

Design on the Cloud! YouiDraw lets you create stunning vector Graphic design. Its all the more like Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw with a difference that it works with html5 and Google Drive.


11. Readymag

Create microsites, magazines, portfolios, presentations and much more with ease. All thanks to the amazing tool named Readymag that helps you create digital publications eliminating the need of coding.


12. Bitcoin.js

Bitcoin.js is a clean and easily readable library for Bitcoin JavaScript development that’s an ideal tool to make optimum use of.


13. Sassline 

Sassline is a Sass library that comprises of Mixins and recommended styling for better web typography. The tool ensures to help in calculation of measurements scaled proportionally in large and small viewport size. 


14. is a library that includes all the details of tens of thousands of fonts ideal for designers making them come out of dilemma of using the right kind of font for different projects. 


15. CodeFights

CodeFights is a fight club for developers. Fight against the time to debug the code. Find it, fix it and submit. Doesn’t it sound cool!


 16. UXPorn

UXPorn is the right place for designers to get inspiration for UX designers. It includes wireframe templates, design patterns and much more.


17. Stylify Me

Wish to create a style guide by entering the website URL? Stylify Me helps you do it the right way. It will get all the information like colors, fonts, typography guidelines, image dimensions and more.


18. Please.Js

Please.Js is a random color generator that generates a random pleasing color.


19. Breach

Breach is a free open-source browser that is written in JavaScript. Its a modular, hackable browser built from HTML and Javascript UI modules.


20. Fontface Ninja

Fontface Ninja is an extension for Chrome and Safari that lets you find the name of the font to let you try to track it down.


21. Hotjar Insights

Hotjar Insight is a tool that lets you get unlimited insights from your web and mobile sites. It lets you see how visitors are really using your website, collect feedback and turn more visitors into customers.


22. Countable.js

Countable.js is a JavaScript function to add live paragraph, word and character-counting to an HTML element. Its a zero-dependency library that comes in at 1KB when minified.


You know what’s the next blog post we will come up with. Yes, its monthly listicle of best jQuery plugins. Besides stay tuned for next compilation of useful resources!

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