14 Useful AngularJS Tools for Web Developers

AngularJS tools are a set of open source applications developed and maintained by Google along with individual developers and corporations. These tools help developers sort out their problems by simplifying testing and developing applications using the model view controller architecture and rich internet application components. Here are some useful AngularJS tools for web developers:

1. Webstorm

Webstorm is an integrated development environment or IDE, which helps test developed codes in a browser without having to refresh at regular intervals. It’s a code editor which supports the modern computer programming languages and their predecessors such as JavaScript, Node.js, HTML and CSS.


2. SublimeText

As one of the favorite AngularJS tools, SublimeText has gained popularity based on its customized properties. The fact that it can adapt to various environments and allows one to work with Angular has made it an even bigger hit.


3. Karma

Karma is one of the most beloved JavaScript testing AngularJS tools. Karma allows the developer to test codes on actual browsers. It also performs E2E testing, midway testing, unit testing on a number of browsers and devices and also helps debug the problems.


4. Jasmine

Jasmine is a Behavior-driven development tool primarily meant for websites and Node.js projects. Jasmine doesn’t rely on any browsers.


5. Protractor

Developed by the Angular team, Protractor is one of the most powerful E2E Angular testing tools. Protractor is made from a combination of tools including Jasmine, Mocha, webDriver, and Selenium and allows flexible and accurate testing.


6. Angular Batrang

This chrome extension helps you debug the code after testing. Angular Batrang shows testing results in three different bars of performance, dependence, mode, and also lets you control the inspection.


7. ng-inspector

ng-inspector is a Chrome and Safari extension that helps in development, debugging and understanding of AngularJS.


8. Mocha.JS

Mocha.JS is a flexible testing and debugging tool that can be operated with frameworks like snion.js or Chai.


9. AngularUI

This tool helps build Angular applications faster with its UI components and raw directives. UI-Bootstrap is the most popular directive among others.


10. Restangular

Restangular is different than other AngularJS tools for it contains features like HTTP method support and self linking elements.


11.  Angular Gettext

This tool helps with translation; all you need to do is write the code in English and highlight the areas that need translation and the AngularJS tools will do the rest.


12. Ment.io

Ment.io watches changes in the ngModel, and provides type head menu for any sequence of non-white spaced characters starting with a trigger character.


13. Generator Angular

This tool helps speed up the Angular development with few terminal commands. This tool can also automatically develop, test and more.


14. ngDocs

ngDocs is an Android-based tool that allows easy AngularJS documentation along with some tutorials for newcomers.


15. LumX

LumX is an AngularJS tool built on Sass, Neat, Bourbon and a bit of jQuery. It is a responsive front-end framework.


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