Top 10 Most Useful Magento Extensions

Magento is the largest e-Commerce platform available in present days. The Magento extensions are a collection of extensions which helps you to ease your business facilities, be it improving your checkout options or tracking your sales records and delivery updates. Here are 10 of the most useful Magento extensions for developers:

1. MageMonkey

MailChimp collaborates with Magento to bring you this extension helping developers generate automated emails for completing transactions on your e-Commerce platform. It also sends auto generated birthday wishes and reminders of abandoned cards. All in all it helps in upgrading your communication with your customers.


2. One Page Checkout

The usual checkout procedure that Magento offers consists of six pages, which can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating. This Magento extension converts it into a single page. One Page Checkout simply uncomplicate the process for better customer satisfaction and also offers auto filling of forms by the customer.


3. Fooman

When someone completes a transaction on your e-Commerce platform, Magento usually generates documents like invoices, memos and shipment details with separate token numbers which can be pretty tough to track down. Fooman is a Magento extension which generates consistent numbers for all the documents for a single transaction making them easy to relate.


4. Related Product Manager

This Magento extension helps to keep the customers glued to your online shopping page. Related Product Manager displays a host of products on the page visited by the customer based on their previous transaction or the earlier viewed products. In case no such data is present, it simply keeps displaying random products.


5. Blog

Blog is a Magento extension which provides you with an option to keep your customers updated with the latest development of your business alongside attracting new customers to your e-Commerce platform.


6. Address Label Printing

Address Label Printing allows you to print labels with the addresses of your customers. It is hassle free and even allows you to customize the labels.


7. Magento WordPress Integration

Magento WordPress Integration is a Magento extension that compiles two of the bests. It integrates your Magento with your WordPress blog so that you can switch between the two with just a click of a button.


8. YopTo

YopTo allows developers send automated emails to customers and requesting them to review their shopping experience on your online shopping page.


9. MatrixRate

If you have MatrixRate installed with your Magento, you no longer need to worry about calculating shipping rates. This Magento extension auto calculates the rates to be charged for shipping based on the distance, customer location, quantity of items, weight of items and product price.


10. AddShopper

AddShopper allows your customers to share product details on social media. It also helps developers keep track of the most shared and highest grossing products in your e-Commerce platform.



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