Top 10 Hosted E-Commerce Platforms

Thinking of starting an online shopping store? Consider looking into an e-commerce platform. A hosted e-commerce platform is basically a software service which allows users to showcase their products online. It allows merchants or designers to use a number of features and integrations to receive online payments. For merchants who have online businesses, it helps reduce the time spent worrying about paying for products or services. Here are some of the best e-commerce platforms available, which are sure to boost business.

1. Shopify

When looking for an e-commerce platform that will be cost effective and have a user friendly interface, Shopify is the best choice. It is available for just $14/month for the starter pack and $29/month for the basic and more reasonable version. Along with the recently launched POS, it allows users to manage their online store from desktop or mobile.


2. Volusion

One of the top notch e-commerce platforms, Volusion hosts around 900 e-commerce attributes. Not only is the platform attributed to generating $16 million in sales for users, it also provides additional services. With no transaction fees, it is available for just $15 a month and it allows users to showcase more than 100 products.

We have also found a detailed Shopify vs Volusion comparison that will help fasten your decision making process on which platform to use for your e-commerce site.


3. Big Cartel

This low-cost  hosted e-commerce platform was mainly designed for online stores selling creative products such as jewelry, arts, music, fashion and other innovative ventures. It now boasts over 500,00 stores and allows users to showcase up to 25 products for just $9.99 a month with five products free of charge. Users can display up to five photos for each product.


4. PinnacleCart

At just $29.95 a month this hosted e-commerce platform which has clients like HBO, Miami Heat and Discovery Channel is a good bet. It has 1 GB of storage space with a bandwidth of 2 GB. The fact that it allows users to link with apps like QuickBooks and Facebook makes it even more popular.


5. Wix Online Store Builder

Wix Online Store Builder provides their customers with a storage space of 20 GB along with a bandwidth of 10 GB for just $19.90 a month. This hosted e-commerce platform is a venture of the do-it-yourself website builder Wix. It is extremely easy to use and popular.


6. Bigcommerce

Entertaining over 55,000 online stores and generating a combined sales of $4 billion, Bigcommerce is available in both a paid and a free version. It allows merchants to use online shopping apps to expand their business while also  incorporating third parties like MailChimp and Visual Website Optimizer. Available for just $29.95 a month with a 1% transaction fee and 3 GB storage, users simply can’t go wrong with this platform.


7. X Cart Cloud

With an open source PHP shopping cart which is manageable for sole proprietors and available for just $15 a month for the starting pack, X Cart Cloud is an awesome option for online shop owners. It is also available for free with an array of programs to extend the X Cart online store. The paid versions offer incredible POS options.


8. 3dcart

Unlimited storage and no transaction fees, showcasing over 200 features and more, 3dcart is one cool hosted e-commerce platform that allows customers to earn points whenever they shop from a users online store and it allows users to accept Bitcoins.


9. Yahoo! Ecommerce

Highly affordable at $26 a month is not a huge bill to pay when doing business on a e-commerce platform hosted by one of the world’s biggest technology giants. Yahoo! Ecommerce, allows users to integrate directly with shipping companies like UPS. It also allows online store owners to have a 5 GB storage space with a bandwidth of 150 GB that displays over 1,000 products. It entertains over 1 million businesses and has transactions amounting to $64 billion.


10. Storenvy

At 100,000 selling brands and counting, an impressive API and free or just $5 a month,  Storenvy is hosted e-commerce platform which allows users to showcase products on their marketplace which will expand a company’s web reach to their extensive customer database.


These e-commerce platforms are definite to ease your job as an online shop owner and allow you to concentrate more on earning revenue through your sales.

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