Top 10 Awesome Lightbox Libraries for Mobiles

Overlaying images on the web is easier thanks to LightBox. Whenever an image is opened, LightBox pops up with some animations. It dims the background so that the focus is solely on the image itself. It also enlarges the image and increases the scale for better editing. The most popular LightBox JavaScripts that are available work mostly on the PC. However, there are some awesome LightBox Libraries meant for mobile usage.

1. PhotoSwipe

This is one of the lightest available LightBox plug-ins which makes swiping the photos extremely easy. It is touch enabled and works like a built-in app. Its best feature is the fact that it is modular in nature. This allows designers to discard certain features which are unnecessary when editing.

2. MagnificPopup

MagnificPopup is a jQuery/Zepto plug-in made for LightBox. It was created by Dmitry Semenov, who is also the creator of PhotoSwipe. It encompasses all the qualities that are missing from the PhotoSwipe plug-in. It supports videos, Ajax files and Maps and is ideal for people who want everything packed in the palm of their hands.

3. iLightBox

iLightBox is a power packed LightBox plug-in which supports a number of media types like Ajax, videos, maps, iFrames, Flash/ SWF. The most advantageous aspect of iLightBox is the fact that it is available with various social media buttons like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, which allows the users to directly share the photos on these sites.

4. LightBox for Bootstrap

People using the Bootstrap platform often wished they could Lightbox. Now LightBox for Bootstrap is the solves this problem.

5. Nivo LightBox

Those looking for a library that will change according to their needs, Nivo LightBox will do the job. With changeable themes, transition effects and navigation options everything appears just as the designer would like.

6. Mini LightBox

Mini LightBox is a 2 Kb sized LightBox library that works with only images. If designers are looking for something compact that will support only images and not videos and will save disk space at the same time, then Mini LightBox is the ideal choice.

7. LightCase

Packed with several animation effects like fade, scrolling and elastic zoom, LightCase takes user interface to a whole new level. This LightBox plug-in also helps in recovery of media that are unreadable or has errors. Another huge advantage of LightCase is that it supports an array of media ranging from YouTube embedded videos to HTML files to SWF and input forms.

8. FluidBox

Inspired by Medium, this LightBox library is primarily made for images. FluidBox is also available as a WordPress plug-in and it works with images in various situations like absolute positions, floating images, galleries and images containing padding or borders.

9. Yalb

Yalb is the abbreviated form of Yet Another LightBox, but the name belies its usefulness. This LightBox plug-in comes with a whole new range of APIs which customizes the various events and even allows users to detect the status of the LightBox including whether it is open or closed. It comes in jQuery and Vanilla JavaScript versions.

10. FeatherLight

When a designer feels the need to develop their own extensions in a LightBox library, FeatherLight is the way to go. It consumes only 6 Kb space and is good for the tech savvy designers. It also allows to include gallery extensions.

What are your favorite LightBox libraries? Comment below.

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