The Best Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives

While writing about anything related to Adobe Creative Cloud like Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom and likewise, I used to wonder if designers have only one choice available? What if someday, there is a problem with it? Will everything come to halt? The curiosity to get the answer to these questions persuaded me to look for alternatives, substitutes or options of Adobe Creative Cloud.

Indeed, there is no replacement of this great tool that every designer is well acquainted with but then there are many more that are not much known. However, it is always a wise idea to know if its substitutes are available; if yes, what are those.

While looking for the best Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives an idea of sharing them with you all stuck to my mind and here I am with the compilation of the same. Check them out!

The Best Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives

1. Sketch ($49.99)

Sketch is a professional digital design for Mac. It gives you the power, flexibility and speed, is lightweight and easy-to-use package. Worth trying out.


2. Pixelmator 2.1 ($14.99)

Pixelmator 2.1 is a cool Creative Cloud alternative that is built exclusively for OS X Pixelomator. It is Superbly designed,easy-to-use, fast and powerful image editing app worth trying out.


3. Flow ($4.99)

Flow is beautiful, fast, and reliable FTP + SFTP client that comes with URL copying, droplets, a built-in editor, and QuickLook.


4. Inkscape ($Donation)

Inkscape is a professional vector graphics editor available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The best part is its free and open source. However, donations are welcome.


5. Prototypes ($39.99)

Prototypes is the tool that lets users share and test their iPhone App mockups and turn still mockup images from Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks into a tappable prototype to run on iPhone and iPod Touch. 


6. Acorn 4 ($49.99)

Acorn is a Mac OS X 10.8 and 10.9 picture and image editing tool that helps users to create websites and much more easily. It has fluid interface, speed, curves, layer filters and much more.


7. Free HTML Editor (Free)

This as the name itself says is a free HTML editor that is an app for those who have Windows. Its a slimmed down version of the popular CoffeeCup Editor that features Code Cleaner for best results. It’s a WYISWG editor that makes the development process easy.


8. CoffeeCup Web Editor ($69)

This is the updates version of Free HTML Editor that is made available for Mac users. Designing teh whole wenste goes easy with CoffeeCUp Web Editor. You just got to shell out $69 to avail the service. 


9. Stencyl (Starting from $79 per year)

Stencyl is a game creating software that comes with superb, intuitive tool to make the entire process fun and speedy. Its one great alternative to Adobe Flash and superb way to use HTML5 that helps create games and applications with interactive design.


10. Gimp ($ Donations)

GIMP is a cool image manipulation program that lets user paint program, quality photo retouching program, online batch processing, mass production image rendering, an image format converting, image composition and image authoring without any hassle. Open up the main link to learn more about it and make optimum use of it.


11. Cyberduck ($Donation)

This is an open-source FTP client that lets users enjoy the ease of use.  With easier interface it becomes the wise choice of Mac and Window users.


I have pinned down 12 best Adobe Creative Cloud alternatives to help you narrow down your search. However, if you have been using different ones other than the above listed alternatives, do share your experience with us. Also, let us know what you think of these above listed best Adobe Creative Cloud Alternatives.

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