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Free Fonts for your Flat Design Projects


Update : Check our list of best free fonts of year 2014.  Fonts, we all know are the most important part of the designing. From handwritten fonts to the compilation of latest fresh fonts, we keep coming up with the same on the regular basis and its been long since we...

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Fresh Free Fonts for your Design Projects


Its not been many years since fonts have increased in numbers. Now a days, there is an immense range of cool unique free fonts that is made available for designers to make optimum use of in different projects. Ask any designer and he will explain you the importance of picking...

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How to Choose the Right Font for your Next Design Project


Typography you all know is one of the most important elements of any design piece. The choice of typography on the designer’s end can make or break the design piece. Therefore, it is very important for a designer to have an eye and pick the apt typography for different projects....

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6 Best Free Tools to Create Fonts


Fonts, everyone in the design world keeps talking about them as these are essential for the feel of the website, application or whatever is designed for users. It is for this reason that font developers need be smart while choosing which font to create and how to do it the...

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Fresh Free Fonts for your Next Design Project


Fonts are one of the most important elements of designing that play a vital role in making the entire design worth it if chosen with care. Designers need to know what’s the in thing, what people are loving the most besides having an eye as to which element will be like feather...

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New Free Fonts for your Design Projects


Designing is one field that is seeing a boom in number of creative people joining the queue of the ingenious designers. Seeing this, the availability of useful resources too is becoming easy for the fact that designers keep looking for the same but have shortage of time and love things that are handy....

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