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15 Fabulous Examples of Typography


Creative typography works. Web designers are now playing with fonts, size, style, contrast, colors, background base images to create an impression that will last with readers or customers. Effective typography not only lures readers but conveys a powerful message showcasing the creativity of the company. Companies are allocating a major chunk...

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Top 10 Free Font Icons


Font icons are gaining popularity, for they can be easily played with. Changing size, color and animation to make it fit onto the screen is super easy with icons. Here are 10 of the top free font icons developers can use: 1. StackIcons StackIcons hosts icons for all the major social...

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7 Successful Tips to Use Mobile Typography


Mobile typography can be difficult for designers to grasp at first. Successful mobile typography must be readable with unique designs, and designers must be successful in making their readers interested to check the digital content or text on their touch screens. Here are seven innovative tips designers can use to make the...

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125 Best Free Fonts of Year 2014


With the  beginning of new year, each one of us is full of excitement and hope to see what’s in store for us. From astrological facts to change in the places or the way we work, the resources that we can see, predictions and much more, everyone is expecting positive changes...

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Fresh Free Fonts – 2014 Edition


This is going to be the last monthly article of the year 2014 as we are all set to leave behind the yesterdays and step in the new year. Fonts, that have successfully made designers drool over for each one being creative unique and having the quality of making the over...

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Fresh Free Fonts – November 2014 Edition


From beginners to intermediate level or professional designer who has been in this field for over the years, none can underestimate the importance of typography. Selection of right type of font for a particular design is a very important task to be handled with care. Moreover, if you like a...

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9 Tools to Find Awesome Font Combinations


Designers working on different projects either for themselves or their clients well know the importance of tools and other useful resources that are handy and ensure to help make the tasks (big or small) easier. Fonts play a vital role in designs be it for print, for website, mobile app...

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Fresh Free Fonts – October 2014 Edition


Fresh free fonts play an important role in any designing project. Readable, unique and visually appealing fonts serve as an added factor that can make the entire effort of designing pay off. The point is that if the designer has chosen the right path, right raw material and puts in...

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Fresh Free Fonts – September 2014 Edition


Fonts, now a days are gaining immense importance in terms of their usage in different projects. With the availability of cool, premium and free fonts designers are expanding their horizon by searching the best one to gel well with the overall design to give it the visual appeal thereby leaving the viewer...

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Fresh Free Fonts – August 2014 Edition


Fonts are any designer’s favorite and those that are available for free are most loved! Reason is anyday obvious. Ask any designer and you would come to know the reason why they love checking out the compilation that includes free fonts. The answer is that they hate to spend hours looking...

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