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Eight Useful E-Books for IT Professionals


The Internet and computers are now an integral part of modern life. IT professionals should stay up to date with the latest innovations. An IT professional not only manages a staff but also must know a great deal about technology in order to satisfy clients.  These e-books provide tips from...

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23 Best Free Ebooks for Mobile App Developers


eBooks! Doesn’t it make you recall the articles we have published in the previous months revolving around eBooks? From 6 Best Free Node.js Ebooks, Latest Free Ebooks for Designers to Latest Free Ebooks for Developers, we have actually talked in detail about ebooks on TheNeoDesign. This time we have thought to come up...

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6 Best Free Node.js Ebooks


Node.js is a cross platform runtime environment and a library to help run the applications that are written in JavaScript outside the browser.  Node.js apps are designed to maximize the efficiency. Programmers and developers well know about Node.js and I guess I need not spare extra words about this javascript programming library....

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Best Free Ebook Cover Photoshop Actions


EBooks are the part and parcel of today’s technologically advanced world. Someone who has the passion for reading these days may not be found with a book in hand but then staring at computer screen reading an ebook. Talking from the designer’s perspective, ebook cover designs are becoming important part...

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Latest Free Ebooks for Designers


Ebooks these days are getting immense response for the simple reason that these are easily available. Efforts are being made to ensure people get to enhance their knowledge without having to shell out money that is making the ebooks available for free download. Nothing like free stuff or anything that...

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8 Best Free Ebook Cover Design Tools


In today’s digital era, eBooks have been playing a major role in helping us enhance our skills and improve our knowledge. No matter which field one is in, there are oodles of helpful eBooks available that one can either download for free (if they are available for free) or purchase...

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Latest Free Ebooks for Developers


We can never underestimate the importance of books being the best way to increase our knowledge. However, in today’s technologically advanced era, the books have been replaced by electronic medium known by the name ebooks in digital terms. Each one of us no matter how many years we have spent...

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Useful List of Best Ebook Cover Design Tutorials


Anything that comes handy, helps us improve our knowledge, enhance our skills in simple way is more than welcome. In today’s fast-paced life where we all are complaining of shortage of time, we all wish for a teacher who makes us learn the without asking us to step out of our...

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