15 Best Portfolio WordPress Themes

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With global business going online, it is only natural that art goes online too. WordPress is one of the best ways to showcase a portfolio to get noticed while exhibiting works of art. Word Press allows users to build and update a portfolio simply without having to use complex programming....

10 Excellent Design Tips for Startups

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With so many startups popping up each day, it’s absolutely important to stand out in the crowd and make people notice websites, whether they are established or new. Hopefully these few tips will help  create a better website that allows businesses to flourish. 1. Simple and User-friendly The best way...

Top 10 Free Font Icons

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Font icons are gaining popularity, for they can be easily played with. Changing size, color and animation to make it fit onto the screen is super easy with icons. Here are 10 of the top free font icons developers can use: 1. StackIcons StackIcons hosts icons for all the major social...

Top 10 Most Useful Magento Extensions

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Magento is the largest e-Commerce platform available in present days. The Magento extensions are a collection of extensions which helps you to ease your business facilities, be it improving your checkout options or tracking your sales records and delivery updates. Here are 10 of the most useful Magento extensions for...

Top Nine YouTube Channels for Photoshop Training

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To be a successful designer, you need to have a high level of technical expertise in operating Abode Photoshop. In this article, we have featured the top nine YouTube channels that will help designers learn Photoshop. These Photoshop tutorials offer effective and instant training to people to are competent in image editing and photo reformatting....

Seven Top Java IDEs for Java Coders 

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JavaScript is a dynamic mark-up script with WORA protocol used to develop mobile application tools. JavaScript is essential for any programmer who is looking to generate and modify new codes. Here are seven of the best Java IDE tools with multifunctional features enabling coders to determine systematic code generation: 1. Eclipse With Eclipse, developers will...

12 Amazon Redesign Concepts for Developers

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Amazon offers more than a myriad of products for consumers; it also offers tips developers can use for website promotion. There are few selected Amazon concept designs the company offers that helps it increase its sales, promote its products, and accelerate its page viewing rates. In this article, we provide developers...