15 Fabulous Examples of Typography

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Creative typography works. Web designers are now playing with fonts, size, style, contrast, colors, background base images to create an impression that will last with readers or customers. Effective typography not only lures readers but conveys a powerful message showcasing the creativity of the company. Companies are allocating a major chunk...

20 Creative One-Page Websites for Inspiration

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The latest trend in website development is writing as short as possible while being as creative as possible. With single page websites, developers have to showcase all the elements creatively and precisely. There is no room for error. These websites are good for products, businesses, or portfolios where data doesn’t...

Eight Useful E-Books for IT Professionals

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The Internet and computers are now an integral part of modern life. IT professionals should stay up to date with the latest innovations. An IT professional not only manages a staff but also must know a great deal about technology in order to satisfy clients.  These e-books provide tips from...

How to Design Eye-Catching Landing Pages

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Landing pages shouldn’t be ordinary. Customers must find websites attractive if they are going to buy products.  The landing pages of e-commerce sites should have enticing images and product reviews to inspire online customers to visit the sites and increase the SERP rates as well. There are different ways to...

10 Useful Tips for Prototyping your Designs

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When working on a particular project, it is better to test ideas and to see the outcome in advance, rather than completing the whole project and not liking the result. Prototyping helps designers test their work process and ideas to see if the outcome is the one the client desired....

10 Best Alternatives to Photoshop in 2015

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Many photographers need to retouch their images to give them that extra something and when retouching is the main concern, nothing beats PHOTOSHOP. However, Photoshop does come with a hefty price tag and can be complex and difficult to use. There are plenty of alternatives that produce the same results...

Cool Photoshop Tutorials to Learn New Skills

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Photoshop can be used to create cool effects on regular images to bring about magical transformations. We’ve gathered some of the best available tutorials which will help developers to create images that are bound to generate attention and make users look like a pro Photoshop editor. 1. How to Create a...