Useful Tips to Create Better User Navigation

- - Tips

Designing a good, user-friendly website is no rocket science unless you know the tips and tricks that are favourable making the user visit your website again and again. The key points of making your website design user-friendly include keeping it clean, simple, visually appealing, using right color tone, clarity, responsiveness, easy...

Useful Websites to Learn Ruby on Rails

- - Coding

Developers are very well acquainted with Ruby on Rails that’s a fascinating language created back in 2004. Its a programming language from Japan that has and is revolutionising the web. Maintaining the balance between simplicity and power, Ruby is not difficult to learn if one has that zeal and proper resources handy....

New Free Fonts for your Design Projects

- - Freebies

Designing is one field that is seeing a boom in number of creative people joining the queue of the ingenious designers. Seeing this, the availability of useful resources too is becoming easy for the fact that designers keep looking for the same but have shortage of time and love things that are handy....