Flat Web Design : Pros and Cons

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None of us can deny the fact that flat design is the latest trend in the world of design. Talk about what makes flat design the best is that its easy to maintain, clean, colorful, minimal, friendly, comes with minimal distractions and the list seems to continue. Endowed with all...

Best Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of April 2014

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Used by professional designers worldwide, Adobe Illustrator software is proving to be quite successful in winning the hearts of millions for the cool features it comes decked up with. Besides providing precision, Adobe Illustrator software has sophisticated drawing tools, expressive natural brushes and lot many time-savers that together contribute in making it...

Fresh Tools of The Week [26th-April-2nd May]

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Listing down fresh tools, apps and websites for designers and developers is slowly becoming the part and parcel of our weekly schedule. Each day we keep checking out the latest tools that have been introduced to help designers and developers get the ease of work flow. In the quest to...

Latest Free Ebooks for Developers

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We can never underestimate the importance of books being the best way to increase our knowledge. However, in today’s technologically advanced era, the books have been replaced by electronic medium known by the name ebooks in digital terms. Each one of us no matter how many years we have spent...

Best Adobe Photoshop Tutorials of April 2014

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If you are using Photoshop for designing a website, you definitely are following the right path of becoming a successful designer. But then novice designers don’t know about every tool, filter and how one can make the optimum use of the features of Photoshop. Even professional designers who have been...

Importance of Emotions in Design

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What would be the topic of next write-up is what I keep thinking about when I am not writing. During the chit chat session with one of my friend an idea clicked my mind and here I am to talk about it. The title certainly says it all. When asked if...