Minimalist Fifa World Cup 2014 Poster Series

With the Fifa World Cup fervor on and everybody anxiously waiting for their favorite game to commence, TheNeoDesign team is busy making efforts to come up with related stuff to keep up the excitement.

There is hardly any time left for one of the best games to begin and if you are a designer who has a project to handle and seeking inspiration but doesn’t have time then take a look at our minimalist Fifa World Cup 2014 poster series.

Today, we thought of dedicating our article to the world renowned Brazilian designer Andre Fidusi. Each poster pinned below is simply superb. Not just the ones who just love the game instead I assure each one of you out there who is checking them will love them for the very simple reason that these are visually cool.

Also, incase you missed out and wish to check out what we had come up with recently that is dedicated to Fifa World Cup 2014, here is the link. ESPN Fifa World Cup 2014 Official Team Poster Designs. Open it up and take a look!

The posters listed below are in short can be categorized as minimalist history of World Cups.  Andre has designed a poster for each of 19 world cups with each poster having a small historical cryptic message that you will understand only if you have been the follower of the game.

I think there is no need for me to spare more words as each of the poster listed below does the real justice. Check them out!

Minimalist Fifa World Cup 2014 Poster Series

1. A Historia Das Copas (1930)


2. 1934


3. 1938


4. 1950

minimalist-fifa-world-cup-posters.jpg5. 1954

minimalist-fifa-world-cup-posters.jpg6. 1958

minimalist-fifa-world-cup-posters.jpg7. 1962

minimalist-fifa-world-cup-posters.jpg8. 1966

minimalist-fifa-world-cup-posters.jpg9. 1970

minimalist-fifa-world-cup-posters.jpg10. 1974

minimalist-fifa-world-cup-posters11. 1978

minimalist-fifa-world-cup-posters12. 1982

minimalist-fifa-world-cup-posters13. 1986

minimalist-fifa-world-cup-posters14. 1990

minimalist-fifa-world-cup-posters15. 1994

minimalist-fifa-world-cup-posters16. 1998

minimalist-fifa-world-cup-posters17. 2002

minimalist-fifa-world-cup-posters18. 2006

minimalist-fifa-world-cup-posters19. 2010


These minimalistic Fifa World Cup poster designs besides being visually appealing becomes a great source of inspiration for other designers. Designers surely will agree with me on this that these Fifa World Cup 2014 posters are quite inspiring and unique in their own way. Have you come across any such inspirational stuff worth sharing? Do drop in your comments and let us know. We would love to hear your say!


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