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Let’s face it – first impressions are very important. As much as it is true for human beings, it is equally true for websites. This is why creating an interesting login page is of absolute importance. An interesting login page will draw viewers to explore the website in detail. Similarly the more innovative login page, the more viewers will be drawn to it.

Designs should be user friendly so that the visitors are capable of figuring it out with ease and will not have to go through a lot of hassle in order to become a member. At the same time, it should display all the features that are necessary. And the login page should reflect the image of a business or blog.

The first thing designers should do when creating a login form is figure out what information is needed from the people who are about to become a member. Do you want any special menu to appear on your login form? Or do you want it to be a basic form? Work all these details out before sitting down and creating the form. This will save a lot of work and time.

Now it’s time to put all the details down. Developers will come across many designs which are minimal and consist of the basics. On the other hand, there are also login pages with elaborate designs and creativity that are very appealing. In order to figure out which is best suited for what the business or blog is hoping to accomplish, look at login forms which are popular among the target audience. Here are some login pages for inspiration:













We hope that after watching all the above designs you now have a fair idea of what you expect to feature on your very own website. You will now be able to draw out your own login form with ease and without any confusion. Make sure to keep it simple for the audience you are trying to haul over to your site at the same time creative enough to actually make them take attention of it. We are glad to help!


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