Latest Free Ebooks for Designers

Ebooks these days are getting immense response for the simple reason that these are easily available. Efforts are being made to ensure people get to enhance their knowledge without having to shell out money that is making the ebooks available for free download. Nothing like free stuff or anything that solves our purpose and comes without hefty price tags.

While I was preparing the list of Latest Free Ebooks for Developers, there was a thought at back of my mind that there should be a compilation of latest free ebooks for designers too. I remember mentioning the same and noting it down. So, here I am today with a list of the useful and worth checking out free ebooks that ensure to enhance the designing skills of all you designers.

We have done an extensive research to come up with the useful ebooks for designers and here are some of the brilliant free ebooks for designers. Sit back to check out the ebooks that have been the part of the list and if these persuade you to read them, go to the main link and download them. Its as simple as that.

Latest Free Ebooks for Designers

1. Design Your Imagination

Design Your Imagination is a one stop ebook resource for web design novices and professional designers. The book has been written by some of WebGuru Infosystems professionals and is divided into 28 comprehensive chapters. With the simple easy to understand language, this ebook has been getting an immense response.


 2. Web Design Book of Trends, 2013-2014 by Marcin Treder 

This is an ebook that comprises of serious design trends that are carefully handpicked along with examples, trends that make today’s avant-garde and tomorrow’s leaders explained, 165 eye-candy examples of remarkable web design. Inspiring, timesaving and handy this is a must have ebook for every designer.


3. Free 27 Page Type Classification eBook

Written by Jacob Cass, this ebook promises to help designers learn the 10 broad classifications of type. For the designers who wish to learn typography and enhance their knowledge need to know its classification type. This is what the 27 Page Classification eBook focuses on to help designers learn more about typography.


4. Butterick’s Practical Typography

The name itself says what the ebook is about. Typography is what the ebook focuses on. Written by Matthew Butterick who is a designer and a lawyer, the ebook covers every tit bit for a designer to know more and moree about typography.


5. UX Design for Startups

Written by Marcin Treder, this is a must read for startups or grown-up companies that wishes to keep its startup spirit and conquer the world with stunning UX Design. It comprises of 127 pages of real-life based advice, +60 UX Design Tools and lots more.


6. Typo Tips

Erik Spiekermann’s Typo Tips is an ebook that comprises of seven basic rules for better typography. This handy free ebook from Font Shop provides tips and techniques for users to improve their typography know-how. 


7. Web Designers Success Guide

Web Designer’s Success Guide by Kevin Airgid is the guide for starting your own freelance web design business. In this ebook, Kevin has given step-by-step instructions on achieving the goal of starting your online business and succeed easily.


8. Breaking the Time Barrier

This ebook ensures to make freelance designers, entrepreneurs learn how to charge what they are really worth. Simple, easy-to-understand this ebook is written by Michael E. Gerber who is the best-selling author of The E-Myth, and inventor of The Dreaming Room for entrepreneurs.


9. Everything There is to Know About Logo Design

This ebook helps designers learn the basics of what a logo is, the rules of creating a logo and other things to consider like color, typography and much more.



Pixels we know are the building blocks of all the visual design it is for this reason to help out designers around the globe ustwo years back came up with the pixel perfect precision handbook and here the team has come up with updated version that is part two in which all the elements that were not there in the previous ones are included.


11. Creating Great Infographics

For those of you wish to learn how to make memorable and unique infographics then this ebook is right pick for you. Creating Great Infographics is a a design tutorial by Nathan Martin and Colin Miller of the award-winning Pittsburgh-based design agency Deeplocal, Inc. In this tutorial, you will learn everything about creating infographics from data analysis process to clearly presenting your information, and what infographic tools can be used to get the desired results.


12. Growing Your Freelance Business

Growing Your Freelance Business is a perfect guide for freelance graphic design especially focused to help freelance designers grow their business and smart steps to be followed.


Have any such worth reading ebook you think would be of help for designers? Do drop in your valuable comments below and let us know which one free ebooks for designers you love to download.

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