Importance of Emotions in Design

What would be the topic of next write-up is what I keep thinking about when I am not writing. During the chit chat session with one of my friend an idea clicked my mind and here I am to talk about it. The title certainly says it all. When asked if there is any importance of emotions in design world in which people work 24×7 and are mostly seen sitting in front of their systems, doing brainstorming even in free hours what could be the expected answer.

Lets talk about it in detail. See, the point is anyone who is working online is doing it to earn the living by doing the work that makes them stand out and being noticed. One way we are working for ourselves that is to earn our livelihood and other way for our target audience. 

If we are not able to build strong relationship with our targeted audience, our efforts won’t pay off. Page views, mailing list, signups, product purchases and likewise are the result of this relationship which develops with time, trust (that authentic helpful stuff is being delivered), showing value and creating an emotional connection.

As a layman, one might not be able to differentiate between designs by a professional or an ameature designer but we know what looks good is what we love sharing and talking about. On the other hand if your website or the stuff you come up with doesn’t appeal the consumer, trust and value won’t be established and sales could be lost.

These days, lot many companies are focusing on building a personality which evokes an emotional reaction from a visitor thereby creating strong connection.  Not just big entrepreneurs instead even a single freelancer or shopkeeper is focusing much on building strong emotional relationship with the target audience.

Importance of Emotions in Design

Talking about design, if its good and visually appealing, it is sure to appeal consumer so much so that one will advertise about it. Designs that make target audience relate with them are sure to evoke emotions just like the advertisements and movies that make the viewers relate their lives to are much liked than the ones which are not easily understood and seem to be out of this world.

Life insurance, baby products are such commercials that sell a feeling or an idea more so than an actual product. Emotional design that shows empathy for the audience, that puts the audience first, before the company or the business, serves the audience better, information it provides, appeals the viewer are the ones that are liked, shared and much talked about. Who would like to share a design that has all these missing in it or the ones that are proving to be an eye-sore?

1. Simple

No matter how trendy we go, deep inside our heart we still love simplicity. If your designs are simple, easily understood, not complicated they are sure to appeal the viewer and create an effective emotional bonding. Besides being aesthetically nice such designs are easier to trigger a single emotion response.


2. Visually Appealing

Designs that strike the eyes prove to be an eye-sore. This is related to simplicity. Design that is simple and not confusing add to the visual appeal. While designing one should keep in mind the value of visual appeal that evoke the emotions of the viewers.


3. Enjoyable

No matter how much you focus on simplicity and visual appeal while designing, the fact is that if your design is not interesting, viewers won’t like it and certainly won’t enjoy checking it out. This will add to the disappointment level thereby won’t be able to evoke emotions of the viewers.


4. Memorable

There are times when we come across somethings or we read something, see someone that we remember for years. Designs that are simple, visually appealing, enjoyable, and nicely designed are certain to be loved by the viewers. When you are done with the drafting part, ask yourself if your design stands out? If the answer is no, try to understand what is it that’s missing and then go about making the changes to come up with more interesting and memorable design. 


Designs that accompany the above listed features are certain to emotionally attract the viewers thereby getting you positive feedback. Emotional web design aren’t an afterthought or result of haphazard designing instead emotionally evoking features are kept in mind from the very beginning of the design process. 

Imagine opting up a website, an infographic, application, print ads and likewise that are not visually appealing ones that have striking colors, are confusing. Would you like to check it out again or share it with people? Ofcourse not! An emotionally attractive design makes people feel good. They get the feeling of belongingness with the design. During the entire process of designing if you keep the audience’s needs above your own it is sure to evoke the emotions of the viewers. Also, don’t forget to check our articles titled 6 Reasons to Go for Responsive Web Design in 2014, and Useful Tips to Create Better User Navigation that will help you in your designing. Make sure to keep these tips in mind while focusing on emotional factor in designing to make your designs stand apart.

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