How to Hire a Designer for your Startup 

Times are changing; users are more into smartphones, apps and social networks. They want everything to be done on websites and just with a click. The websites need to be crisp and fresh to attract users. This has led to demand for designers. Depending on the requirements and financial status employers can decide if they are looking to create a team of 3-4 people including a full-time designer or a multi-tasker who can design as well as code.

I would suggest hiring a designer exclusively if money allows. The reason is very simple, there are so many beautiful sites coming up daily that designers need to work full time to think and plan websites. If a designer is writing codes, checking out prototypes and analyzing feedback, it gets tiring and hampers creativity.

Here are certain tips to help find the correct designer for the job:

1. Hunting the Unicorn

Trying to find a unicorn is a waste of time because they don’t exist. Don’t overburden the designer with so many responsibilities that they refuses to join your company. No one can be skilled in all areas, expecting someone to be so might discourage them from joining your firm. You need to decide what skills are important to you and their priority.

2. Think Like Them

Established designer might not want to join  new firm. Offering lot of money will not help if a designer doesn’t see the potential for career growth while working with you. Hiring a young passionate designer is better than an experienced author with no excitement for what they are doing.

3. Expand the Horizons

Opt for freelancers, non-US citizens or outsource the design work to established companies. Freelancers are best option since they look for a short period of time to work and then move on. This gives employers best outcomes.

4. Hire a recent graduate

Make time to interview students while they are in design school and don’t be afraid to hire someone who has just graduated. They are enthusiasts and want to try out everything they have learned in school. They may be an unknown quantity but they will bring a fresh set of eyes to any company.

5. Consider Visual Design or Interaction Design

Both the skills are needed to build a great product and understand the client’s perspective. But remember any candidate may be good in one skill set while not-so-good in another. You need to define what you want to produce and accordingly choose the correct candidate. Visual design is needed when you want the product to look better than the competitor’s.

It needs to be credible and of high quality. But interaction design is needed if you are offering a complex service and need to present it in simpler way. IT is also needed when designing mobile platforms and supporting complex tasks.

Once you prioritize what you want to produce, it will be easier to choose the correct candidate and see progress in your company.

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