Fresh Tools of the Week [9th August – 15th August]

Each week, when I sit back to prepare the compilation of fresh tools and apps I keep wondering what next and each one of them makes me feel that’s all and there can’t be more of them. But then at the back of mind I know this is not the end. There is much more our friends have in store to share with us.

This week’s list of fresh tools and apps of the week include, TeamReporter, Frontenda and many more like these. Sneak a peek at these helpful plugins that promise to ease our tasks. But before that check out previous five week’s list of tools and apps incase you missed them.

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Latest Tools for Designers and Developers


Let’s face it, its not easy for a person to remember all the codes. is a free code snippet tool that ensures to keep all your best coding moments safe and private. Its like a safe storage system that eliminates the need for user to remember the coding details. The best part is that its free of cost so why not make optimum use of such a cool tool that takes away your pain of remembering the coding of different projects.


2. Kuoto Swiss

Here is a complete CSS framework and toolbox for Stylus. With all the power of caniuse website, kouto swiss provides you with a lot of mixins, functions and utilities thereby helping you in coding fastest and easiest way possible.


3. Meeet

Meeet is an online tool that lets you get the new projects whilst you are handling your current projects thereby making sure your valuable time doesn’t get wasted looking for next projects when you are done with the current ones. Its a collaborator that helps you ship the projects and find new ones. Its aim is to bring together designers and developers who can help each other complete side projects.


4. Teamreporter

Teamreporter as the name hints is a tool to help you get the report of your team and work in sync with them. What this tool does is that it pings your team members with scheduled emails and ask for the day’s progress, problems and most important events. Whatever the replies are, based on that this cool tool sends an overview of the team’s status to your team the next day.


5. Web Starter kit

Web Starter kit from Google is a boilerplate and toolkit for multi-device development that ensures you’re following the Web Fundamentals guidelines while building great multi-device web experiences for your clients.


6. Frontenda

Loaded with cool features like HTML editor, Less, and CSS editor and many others, Frontenda is a drag and drop Bootstrap 3 EVObuilder that enables you to create responsive templates in mere three steps that are easy to follow. 


7. New Android Material Kit for Illustrator 

The all new Android Material Illustrator Kit is a kit that helps put all of the interface elements in a single document fro your ease instead of scattered across multiple files that leave you bewildered. 


We would love to update our list of fresh tools and apps suggested by you. Have your say by leaving a comment below and we will include the worthy tools in our upcoming lists.


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