Fresh Tools of the Week [8th November – 14th November]

Fresh tools that have become the part and parcel of the weekly and monthly schedule is getting a good response as our readers are being able to get the tools handy to be made optimum use of. The best part is that whenever a thought comes to my mind as to what would the next listicle include the very next moment I come across another best tool, app or website that is persuading enough to be added to the upcoming list. There seem to be no dearth of such helpful resources as more and more people are joining the queue of creative minds working to create some awesome tools to help designers and developers.

The responses from you all keeps us motivated enough to make the efforts and believe me we at TheNeoDesign ensure to pick up nothing less than the best tools that claim to be helpful for our designer and developer friends. As you all might have noticed by now, there is no compromise with the quality of tools we come up with. However, at times we have compromised with the quantity by coming up with the lesser number of tools. Also, check the list of tools and websites that we have gathered in previous week.

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Without any further adieu, let me introduce you all with the fresh free tools, apps and websites that we have collected and added to the list of fresh tools of the week.

Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Colorrun

Colorrun is one simple color game in which users need to simply have to click on the lighter of two colors. Sounds easy? Well, its not as easy as it sounds to be. There are chances that users will make mistakes further they move. Majority of colors are easy to understand but there are quite few of them that are fairly close and can be challenging.


2. Web UI Best Practices

Learn the theory and practice of web UI design from industry leaders with the help of best UI design experts from top companies. This is a free ebook that you all will definitely find worth it.


3. FSVS : Full Screen Vertical Slider

As the name hints, this is a simple full screen vertical slider that uses CSS3 transitions followed up by a jQuery fallback. Bound events support mousewheel, click and drag, arrow keys and touch gestures.


4. CSS Plot

CSS Plot is a simple, css-only plotting tool/charting library that comes with features like no javascript required, ease of use, responsiveness and others.


5.  Bootstrap Magic

Bootstrap Magic is an easy tool that helps in creating your own downloadable Bootstrap themes. It comes with contextual live preview, a typeahead function, colorpicker, Google Webfonts, and much more.


6. Firefox OS App

Firefox OS is an open source technology that lets developers to build flexible mobile apps based on open web standards (JavaScript, CSS, HTML5). Develop Firefox OS Apps With the Webix Library in an easy way.


7. SoundKit

SoundKit is a professional sound library designed for UI projects. It featuring 300 professional, royalty free sound effects, designed for use in mobile and desktop app design.


8. TypeGenius

TypeGenius is a tool that ensures to help users in picking the perfect font combinations for their projects. All users need to do is simply select a starter font and then view matches.


9. FormKeep

This is form endpoints for designers and developers that comes with no iFrames, JavaScript embeds or CSS overrides. It generates a URL for your form’s endpoint that you plug into your existing code to deploy.


As always, I would ask you all to leave a comment below to let us know what you think of the tools and apps we have pinned here. Also, you can share such useful tool with us and our readers.

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