Fresh Tools of The Week [26th-April-2nd May]

Listing down fresh tools, apps and websites for designers and developers is slowly becoming the part and parcel of our weekly schedule. Each day we keep checking out the latest tools that have been introduced to help designers and developers get the ease of work flow. In the quest to help you all, we carefully handpick the useful tools and list them all at one place.

This weeks’ list of fresh tools of the week includes many helpful one like Webiners, Lavish Bootstrap, Share Drop and many more. You got to sit back and scroll down to sneak a peek.

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Fresh Tools of The Week [18th-April-25th April]

Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Webiners

Webiners is a platform that enables users to access big lessons that experts give for free to empower their business education and make better decisions in their professional career. If you open up the link you will see that there are webcasts, workshops, recorded seminars, lectures and much more to help you the best possible way.


2. Invoiceable

For small businesses or freelancers who need a simple invoicing service that takes care of sending and managing invoices making you get rid of the headache there is a cool online tool namely invoiceable. The tool makes it easy to create, send and manage simple and professional looking invoices within no time. All you need is simply signup and use all of the invoicing features for free. You can send any number of invoices, access features, or manage all your clients.


 3. Mithril

Mithril is a client-side Javascript MVC framework for building applications code divided into a data layer. Due to its small, focuses, API its around 3kb gzipped.


4. Codecademy

Codecademy is one of the popular programming language learning platform that has just recently got a makeover. In the new look what you get to see is a more unified visual language across different areas of the site from the layout to even the business cards, postcards, and posters. That’s not it, there is much more done to enhance the overall experience.


5. PhotoshopKiller

Photoshop is a great tool for image editing and graphic design, but it falls way short when used to create dynamic UIs for the web. Right? PhotosshopKiller is created to help you get your problems solved.  As you can notice, there is a slider at the top. It is interactive with a voting system and gradually releases Photoshop Flaws that we can relate with.


6. Obelisk.js

This is a JavaScript Engine that ensures building isometric pixel objects with the simple and flexible API that it provides. Users can easily add isometric pixel elements viz brick, cube, pyramid onto HTML5 canvas. 


7. What’s Next?

This is a collection of resources for learning languages and Github projects. It lets beginners know where to look first, lets experts find resources to dig deeper and enables freelancers to figure out what they should learn next.


8. Code Babes

Code Babes is a new platform that ensures to make people learn how to code that too by ‘leveraging sexual desire’. The website features a string of short videos that introduce users to coding disciplines including HTML, CSS and PHP. Each discipline is presented by a babe who, the site promises will remove articles of clothing as the user progresses through various tests.


9. Lavish Bootstrap

Here is a Ruby app that enables users to easily grab a color palette for Bootstrap directly from an image. Built on the Prizm gem, it lets users to easily customize the generated palette.


10. Does It Work On iOS

This is a free designer tool that lets you know if your color palette works on iOS.


11. ShareDrop

This is HTML5 clone of Apple AirDrop service that lets users to transfer files directly between devices eliminating the need to upload them to any server first using WebRTC for secure peer-to-peer file transfer and Firebase for presence management and WebRTC signaling. 


12. Vibration API

This is an API specifically made for mobile devices as these have a vibrate function. The API allows developers to vibrate a device for a given duration. 


With this we come to an end of the list of fresh tools, apps and websites that prove to be helpful for designers and developers. Wish to add any such tool that you find worth sharing? Drop in your comments below.

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