Fresh Tools of the Week [23rd August – 29th August]

CodeFights, UXPorn, Real Favicon Generator and many more like these tools, applications and websites are the part of this week’s list of fresh tools of the last week of the month of August 2014. Besides being helpful in the best possible way these tools and apps are introduced lately and each one comes loaded with functionally smart features that ensure to help designers and developers in their various tasks.

There are eight of the best handpicked tools that we have selected to make them the part of the list. Beleive me, each tool listed below is going to prove to be of great help. Not only this, the ease they provide while handling different projects is going to persuade you so much that you be able to resist yourself from sharing them with your fellow designers and developers.

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Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

1. CodeFights

CodeFights is a fight club for developers. You have to fight against the time to debug the code.


2. Devicons

Very useful programming icons set that you use with single line code. You have choice of more than 100 icons such as Github, Linux, PHP and many more.


3. UXPorn

UXPorn is a source of inspiration for UX designers that includes wireframe templates, design patterns and much more. You can find design patterns for mobile apps and website that is categorised conveniently for visitors.


4. Stylify Me

A very useful tool for anyone who wants to create a style guide by just entering the website URL. You will get all the information like colors, fonts, typography guidelines, image dimensions and more.


5. Google Noto Fonts

Noto is a font family from Google that supports all world languages. Just go to the website and select the region for which you want to download the font.


6. Real Favicon Generator

RFG is a favicon generator that generates the favicon pictures and HTML that mostly work on all major browsers and mobile platforms. A great app for web designers and developers those who wants a favicon work in mobile, tablets and PC.


7. Please.Js

Now you have generated Favicon for your website, it is time to choose color for your website. Please.Js is a random color generator that generates a random pleasing color that you love to use in your design projects.


8. Breach

Breach is a free open-source browser that is written in Javascript. Is is modular, hackable browser that is built from HTML and Javascript UI modules.


As always, in the end I would love to ask you all to leave a comment below to let us know what you think of these and if the tools we listed have proved to be helpful and met your expectations or not!


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