Fresh Tools of the Week [22nd November – 28th November]

Tools, apps and websites that are being lately launched and are useful for handling various types of designing and developing projects become the part of our weekly and monthly compilations of ‘fresh tools’. Each week we come up with these compilations to help you all narrow down the search and pick the best of the rest in less time consuming manner.

While making our pick of these useful resources, we ensure to include only those that assure to solve the purpose for which they are created in fuss-free manner thereby helping users heave the sigh of relief. What matters the most is the utility of each tool, app or website and the ease of handling the job these provide.

Here is our weekly list of best free tools that users. But before you hit a jump, how about checking out preceding five weeks’ list of fresh tools of the week? Open up the link if you wish to check these out too!

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Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Green Honey

Language represents our view of the world, and knowing its limits helps us understand how our perception works. Green Honey by Muyueh Lee is one wonderful that lets users visualize color naming conventions and comparison between English-speaking countries and China.


2. Flat Shadow Generator

This as the name clearly says is a simple icons creating tool that stands apart from the crowd for the fact that its easy to use and unlike other tools it helps create icons with flat shadows which designers love to use in their different designs. All you got to do is simply choose your icon from the dashboard, set the shadow angle and depth and you get the desired results.


3. CheckiO

CheckiO is a game for colors! Its a game world that is interactive and fun. All you need to enjoy its use is Python programming skills. With this fun game users can improve on their coding as there is a community to complete your missions. Create your own missions to challenge other players.


4. Fontspiration

Fontinspiration is an app for iDevices that let users create custom typographic designs with hundreds of fonts and dozens of built-in animations. All in all, this is an application that lets users choose their fonts, customize the size, color, animate and do much more with ease to get the superb results.


5. Furtive

Furtive is a a lightweight, mobile-first, CSS micro-framework that has nearly all dimensions that are done in rem. It’s an ideal tool for starting the projects and running the same in right direction.


6. API Search Service

This is an experimental API Search service that helps discover APIs on the web. The service uses the APIs.json proposed discovery format. If you want to search APIs, type your request in the search box and that’s all!


With this we come to an end of this week’s list of fresh tools, apps and websites. November month is about to end and December is all set to begin so as scheduled, we will be coming up with the monthly list of best tools.

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