Fresh Tools of the Week [19th July – 25th July]

Tools as the name says are created with the aim to help solve issues or handle some task where one gets stuck. There are websites and applications too that do the same job of helping designers and developers but come with different names. Every day we look for the helpful tools, apps and websites thereby ending up in preparing the list of the same to lend you a helping hand.

The lists comprise of the best tools and apps that are worth trying out as each one claims to ease the job of designers and developers in handling different kind of projects. Sneak a peek at this week’s list of the same and let us know what you think of these if you have tried them out.

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Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Pop

Pop is a free app for iOS and Android users that let them take photos of their paper prototypes and simulate the actual site interactions from those paper mockups with ease.


2. WPCore

WPCore is a simple tool that lets users manage collections of their favourite WordPress plugins. Users can easily build and manage WordPress plugin collections in no time.


3. Web Buttons Generator

Create buttons for your website or email campaigns instantly with web buttons generator. It helps cut down the extra effort and time which could otherwise be used for some other purpose.


4. Social Good Ipsum

Ipsum Lorem is a we all know is a renowned collection of Latin words that is used by web designers as placeholder text in boxes. Social Good Ipsum is a tool that provides socially acceptable causes for the web designers to ease their task.


5. CSS Colorgaurd 

CSS Colorguard is a tool that helps user in maintaining the color set that they want. Besides, it warns you when colors you’ve added are too similar to ones that already exist. The best part is that its configurable to your tastes.

6. Concise

Concise is a tool that is built specifically to be easily customized, tinkered with and hacked easily. Its a nice front-end framework worth trying out. 


7. Base

Base is a simple responsive framework that’s super-fast and lightweight. It includes styles for typography, lists, tables, blockquotes, forms, and more that makes t an apt tool for designers. 


8. Crafted by Love

Crafted by Love is a gallery of beautiful website designs, broken down by category that includes agency sites, blogs, event sites, news sites and much more for designers to make optimum use of.



This is a free code snippet tool that comes with free, private storage facility for users. The tool includes a search option that lets users find what they need and syntax highlighting.


With this we come to an end of this week’s list of fresh tools for designers and developers. We hope that you liked the ones included and these prove useful for your current or upcoming projects. Drop in your comments to let us know of any such useful tool or application you know about.


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