Fresh Tools of the Week [18th October – 24th October]

There is no need to mention that designers and developers in today’s technologically advanced era are working hard to let the users get the best experience and enjoy the ease of handling the gadgets. While designers are working on the visual appeal, developers are continuously working at the back end to make things work the right way.

Fresh tools of the week that have become a habit of our team to look for and jot them down all at one place for our designer and developer friends. To help them the best possible way, there are great minds out there who are continuously running their mind and working hard. It is their continuous efforts that have since long made designers and developers feel happy about the availability to ease their job.

This week’s list of fresh tools and websites includes ToolsTools,Tools, Pixel Stickers, Photoshop Simulator and many more like these.

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Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

1. ToolsTools.Tools

ToolsTools.Tools is a minimalistic game for designers and play second animated audio-visual loops via your keyboard. The game is seriously fun in which you can see all animations run at once or view them in single mode.


2. BeeFree

BeeFree is drag-n-drop editor for responsive design emails. You can use it to send a company newsletter, announce a new product, promote a sale, etc. Best of all, it is free for use and you don’t to create an account to use it.


3. Pixel Stickers

If you are a designer, we are sure you’ll love this website where you can buy pixel stickers for your wall, laptop or notebook. You can buy already designed stickers or you can create your own with a tool that website provides.


4. JotForm Form Designer

JotForm Form Designer is a website that help anyone to design forms for websites. You can create responsive forms in this website that offers various styles, fonts, easy to use tool and endless customization options.


5. Photoshop Simulator

It is a great tools for Photoshop users that don’t need to install the unwanted programs on your machine. This tool is developed using HTML5, CSS and Javascript and inspired by VisualIdiot.


6. Icons8 App

Icons8 is a free Mac OS app that helps you to search more than 5000 icons and import them into Photoshop, Xcode and more. The icons can be used in iOS7, Windows 8 and Android and available in multi-format.


7. CRUD Admin Generator

Developed by Jon Segador, CRUD is a open source tool to generate a complete backend from a MySql Database in seconds that too without configuration files.


8. Perfmap

Perfmap is a bookmarklet and chrome extension that created a front-end performance heatmap of resources using the Resource Timing API loaded in the browser.


That’s all for now, stay tuned for more such cool handy tools which we will be coming up with in coming days. Leave your comments below to let us know what you think of these.


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