Fresh Tools of the Week [13th September – 19th September]

This is the third week of September and here we are with our one more weekly list of fresh tools that have been lately introduced. From to Dimensions, Bezier Game there are some really useful tools that we have included in our today’s list of fresh tools of the week.

We really anticipate that the tools, apps and websites we come up with each week and each month is proving to be of great help. Ofcourse, your comments on the blog and various social networks helps us get your reviews and suggestions. So, without breaking the chain of providing you all with the best free useful resources, let’s begin with this week’s list of fresh tools, apps of the week.

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Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

1. is  a design feedback application that enables users to create and annotate on websites in just a few clicks with screenshots taken directly from any accessible website.


2. Unyson

Get the Unyson framework and start developing your premium WordPress theme. Its a Drag & Drop WordPress Framework that enables developers to create powerful WordPress themes. Best of all this is a free and open source.

3. Dimensions

Dimensions is a tool for designers to measure screen dimensions.  You can easily measure between the images, input-fields, buttons, videos, gifs, text, icons. You can measure almost everything you see in your browser.


4. Bezier Game

This is a fun game that helps you master the pen tool quickly and easily. Also, you will get the tutorial in which the steps are mentioned to guide you through the basics. All in all, its a fun way of learning pen tools.


5. Runswiftlang

Runswiftlang  allows you to try Apple’s Swift programming language from within your browser.


6.  Accessible HTML5 Video Player

Accessible HTML5 Video Player is a lightweight HTML5 video player that comprises of support for captions and screen reader accessibility. It  takes one big step closer to a fully standards-based and accessible video player.


7. Designers Guide To DPI

From renowned visual designer,  Sebastien Gabriel comes a perfect designers guide to DPI (Dots Per Inches). You need to go through it to understand who well Sebastien has explained it to make it easier for users to understand.


Have any suggestion or any such tool worth sharing? Do let us know by leaving your comments below. Your viewpoint matters the most, as we come to know where things are going wrong at our end and positive comments certainly motivate use. Have your say!

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