Fresh Tools of the Week [12th July – 18th July]

Latest tools, apps, websites that help ease our workflow and make sure to cut down on time is more than welcome by all of us. Talk about designers and developers they are always looking for smart tools that lend a helping hand. But then looking for the apt one might be one daunting task and might take a toll on their time.

Well, as scheduled we are here once again with the list of latest tools, apps and websites that claim to help designers and developers by making their task easier and less time consuming. Check them out and let us know which one of these app you will use in future.

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Fresh Tools for Designers and Developers

1. Giflinks

Giflinks is a javascript library that will help users bring Giflinks to their site, house, and home. It loads a full-page animated GIF of your choosing when you hover thereby enhancing the user experience.


2. Intense Image Viewer

Intense Image Viewer is a JavaScript library that enables users to view images in a fully full screen. It fills your browser’s entire viewport with the image that users can pan around by moving their mouse.


3. Keyword Tool

Get 750 Google keyword suggestions for free with the keyword tool.  It helps you find the keywords that people are typing into Google search box.


4. Scrapfy

Developers sometimes need to compare code or ask for help from our team or lend a helping hand. Scrapfy is a tool that lets users to simultaneously work on code with their team.


5. Penflip

Penflip helps you write better with others. It lets you focus on writing with the minimalist markdown editor, work offline with your favorite text editor and much more with ease. 


6. Find Guidelines on The Web

Find Guidelines is a site that links to the brand logos of many well-known online companies like Mozilla, Reddit, Twitter and Facebook. Its the fastest way to brand assets.


7. Odyssey

Odyssey is a simple way for journalists, designers and creators to weave interactive stories. The Odyssey Sandbox gives you an easy way to test the Odyssey library and mix written narrative into a beautiful map driven story.


8. Calq

Calq is an advanced custom analytics for mobile and web applications. It lets you understand your audience and make intelligent business decisions based on real world data.


9. Tackk

Tackk is a simple and easy way of creating beautiful pages on the web. It’s your very own page, flyer, blog post, or poster.


Stay tuned for further updates on tools, apps and websites which we will be coming up with next week. Also, have your say on what you think of these if you have already used these.


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