Fresh Tools of the Week [11th October – 17th October]

Yet another Friday is here and TheNeoDesign team too is here with the list of fresh tools and apps of the week. We hope that the weekly lists of useful tools is solving its purpose and it is this hope along with our readers’ feedbacks that help us motivated for which we put in all our efforts.

Each week we look for various resources and then place them all at one place giving the brief description as to what a particular tool, app, or software does. This is a continuous and conscious effort made on our part to help you all enjoy the ease of workflow and enhance your productivity thereby saving your valuable time.

Time now for checking out this weeks’ list of latest tools and apps that have been created specifically to help our designer and developer friends.

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Latest Tools for Designers and Developers

1.  Appsee Mobile Analytics

Appsee is an advanced visual mobile analytics platform that enables you to ­­measure, understand and optimize the user experience in your iOS and Android apps. Traditional mobile analytics don’t reveal the full story, emphasizing numbers instead of reasons.

Appsee enables you to put yourself in your users’ shoes and visually understand exactly how users interact with your app. Leverage Appsee’s user recordings, heatmaps and in-app analytics to optimize your apps and increase engagement, conversions, in-app monetization and improve usability.


2. CSS Color Chart

CSS Color Chart is a tool that helps users get to know all the CSS namespace colors in rainbow order, starting with pinks and reds.


3. Palettab

Palettab is a Chrome extension is created with the aim to leave you all inspired. What this extension does is that it uses Google fonts and ColourLovers palettes and you get to see inspirational stuff like color palette and new styled fonts each time you hit the new tab button.


4. View Source

View Source is an HTML, JavaScript and CSS app and an iOS extension by Paul Hudson. What it does is that it helps make the web developers job easy. These include viewing the HTML, JavaScript and CSS source of any web page with beautiful and customisable syntax highlighting and much more.


5. Chrome Developer Tools Tips

We all know that Chrome is one popular browser but then do you all know what important role it plays to help developers? Chrome comes loaded with cool features and has many capabilities. DevToolTips as the name hints is a collection of developer tools, tips and tricks. The updation is done on weekly basis to help developers enhance their productivity and increase the efficiency.


6. Litmus Builder

Litmus Builder is a code editor for email design and development. This is the first code editor built by email designers for email designers. It helps users in streamlining their workflow.


7. Flexy Boxes

Flexy Boxes is a flexbox playground and code generator that’s a tool worth trying out.


8. Bootlint This Page – Chrome Extension

Bootlint is a tool created with the aim to catch errors in websites that are built with their Bootstrap framework. With the help of this tool, users can automatically check your Bootstrapped webpages for many common Bootstrap usage mistakes.


Have any useful tool that you or your friend has created which you wish to share with our designer and developer friends? You can do it by dropping in your comments and we will be adding the tool/apps/websites suggested by you in our upcoming articles.

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