Fresh Tools of The Week [10th May – 16th May]

From HTML5UP to Intubus, and Gridzzly; this weeks listicle of fresh tools, apps and websites for designers and developers include some really cool resources that are worth trying out for each comes loaded with cool features. These tools are handy resources that are worth using incase one gets stuck in between or else the smart way is to make optimum sue ensuring efficiency and ease.

Take a look at this week’s list of cool tools, apps and websites that have just been introduced to let you make your pick and try them out. Also, we have listed down previous three week’s list of tools incase you have missed out any.

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Fresh Tools of the Week for Designers and Developers


This is an online tool that offers up great HTML5 site templates which are fully responsive, incredibly customizable, built on intelligent CSS3 and HTML5, and are released completely free under a Creative Commons license.


2. Gridzzly

Gridzzly is an online service that comprises of custom printable grid paper for you all to choose from a variety of styles including dot grids and line grids. Users can easily choose their grid size using the slider and print a sheet that fits their specific needs.


3. is the In-Browser Test Management that lets users test their web app live in the browser. Developers can make optimum use of to put structure around their in-browser testing. 


4. Slowy

Slowy is a real-world connection simulator and bandwidth limiter. It is a tool that helps simulate custom connection’s conditions and limits the network traffic to a specified destination port or interface. It is created for web developers who want to test a website with a real-world connection.


5. Kaku

Kaku is an Adobe Photoshop plugin that lets user to translate their text layers to a different languages. Users can easily pick up a text layer, set the original language and the one to translate to and a new text layer will be added to their document with the translated text.


6. Intubus

Intubus is an online tool that lets users sell stuff on their site or social networks. Upload any type of file including graphic, video, music, photo, software or text file thereby setting the price you need, add a description and make a widget. The widget contains your content and other Intubus member’s content in addition. Its as simple as that.


7. Leaving Pixels Behind

Leaving Pixels Behind is a slideshow with a vector workflow for designers from Todd Parker. With 130+ slides, valuable tips for designers working with vector images or illustrations, this comes as a handy resource worth checking out.


We will be coming up with fresh tools, apps and websites for designers and developers in the upcoming weeks. So stay tuned and check out what handy tools are rolled out to ease your job.


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