Fresh free resources for designers

Looking for some awesome freebies which will ease the job of web or app designing? Here is a list of fresh resources that can be readily incorporated into any project. The list includes icons, themes, layouts, UI kits and more which will make any designing job an enjoyable one.

1. Squid Inkline Icons

Be it PSD, AI, EPS, PNG or SVG format, Squid Inkline Icons has it all. It offers freshly designed icons, which are also available in vector, that can be readily used on any project. Every icon is handcrafted and consists of meticulous designs.


2. World Landmark Icons

Anyone who needs to use a famous landmarks as icon in a project no longer needs to worry. World Landmark Icons offers all the famous landmarks in the form of vector icons which will allow designers to up the quality in their travel related websites.


3. Sketch Country Flag Kit

Sketch Country Flag Kit is specifically created for the iOS and the OS X and can be used on both apps and web. It provides users with as many as 180 flags of different countries that can be readily used anywhere by placing the code.

4. Inkallicons

Liquid looking icons are quite popular as they are fun and classy at the same time. Inkallicons offers a set of as many as 150 various free icons to be used on any project and they are easily edited on requirement.


5. Facebook Cover Collection

Facebook Cover Collection consists of a set of PSD formats that allows users to rearrange photos in four superb pre-designed layouts. Designers can use multiple images at a time to create a desired layout which can use on your design.


6. Outdoor Signs & Facades Mockups PSD

Outdoor Signs & Facades Mockups PSD are very useful when it comes to creating logo designs for a client. They are available with Photoshop layers which helps in the easy editing of the design and the insertion of a developers own ideas into the designs.


7. Diverse Device Hands

Diverse Device Hands: Photorealistic mobile Mockups provides users with the image of the various kinds of people that will be using your designed app around the world. The images can be freely displayed at any public or private forum and are represented on a pure white background to make it stand out.


8. Social Car UI Kit for Sketch

If you are designing an app which is going to deal with transportation-based services such as cabs, package tracking, carpools and the like, then Social Car UI Kit for Sketch is perfect for your designs.


9. Fancy

Clean and minimalistic designs on a crisp black and white base along with professional look for documentation are the best features of Fancy. Ai, InDesign and PSD are the various formats which Fancy is available. It print-ready so you don’t have to spend a lot of time editing theme templates.


10. U.S. Web Design Standards

U.S. Web Design Standards was created by the U.S. Digital Service to make online designing easy. Depending up on the requirements a designer needs, they can select the various services available with this fresh resource.


These are some of the best fresh resources which can be used by designers to make their project even more attractive and appealing to viewers.

11. Company Folders Binder Templates

Company Folders provides 55+ free templates for Vinyl, Clear View, Turned Edge, Leather, Paper and other binders in EPS and PDF formats for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

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