Useful Free Yosemite OS UI Kits and Elements

Apple, we all know just announced its new OS X called as Yosemite that will be launched somewhere in fall. Introduction means giving the creative minds some homework to do. Ever since the announcement, designers and developers have started running their minds to come up with such stuff that will add to the features and make the overall experience worthwhile.

Apple OS X Yosemite is the 10th version of the operating system that is named OS Ten. It will be made available for free upgrade, usable on Mac. This might appear similar to quite a few people but then those with the bioscopic eyes who have quest to learn about the new features, changes that would be bought about know what’s the new thing and how it is different from the previous OS.

Yosemite on your devices is sure to enhance the overall user experience one feature that I would love mentioning is that users will be able to answer your phone on your Mac and even you can start a mail message on your phone and finish typing it on your Mac. Sounds cool huh!

Coming to the point, this article of ours is going to be helpful for designers and developers as we have prepared a compilation of useful free Yosemite OS UI kits and elements. Here they are!

Useful Free Yosemite OS UI Kits and Elements

1. Yosemite UI Kit for Sketch

Deserved to be on the no.1, Keir Anseli has designed latest Yosemite UI kit using Sketch and available for all designers to download freely. This free Yosemite OS Ui Kit is accurate, retina ready and it will update till the OS will not come for end users.


2. Yosemite Safari Browser Mockup – Freebie

Yosemite OS is launched and we are sure many designers needs mock-ups to showcase their apps and websites. Here’s the free Yosemite OS Safari mockup that will help you do so.


3. Twitter for Yosemite + Sketch Freebee

Check out the Twitter version redesigned for the Yosemite OS created by Dmitry Novikov and made available for free download.


4. OS X Yosemite for Sketch

Here’s one free Yosemite UI for Sketch that has been published by Danny Giebe.


5. Yosemite Icon

yongtai Im created this beautiful free Yosemite OS icon sets for popular services and made it available for free download.


6. Safari Mockup

Showcase your webdesign in style with the help of free Yosemite Safari mockup created by Kornikow Roman who did redesigned as he doesn’t like tabs with sharp corners.


7. iTunes 12 Icon

In the new release of Yosemite OS, iTunes 12 icon was not included so Aaron Olive created his own and made available for free download.


8. Tweetbot and 1Password for Yosemite Icon [Freebie]

2 Icons that is free and can be used in Yosemite OS created by Anton Skugarov.


9. PSD Safari Yosemite Browser Mockup

Looks like everyone is creating free Safari Mockup and here’s another one that you can download from Pixeden.coom.


10. Yosemite Icon PSD

Try out free Yosemite OS icon set created by Chaun2 that is available in PSD format and change it according to your needs.


11. Yosemite Icons

Another set of useful free Yosemite icons created by Adrian Goia that is available in PSD format.


12. Mac OS X Yosemite UI PSD

Another free Yosemite UI PSD template.


We believe, these best free Yosemite OS UI Kits and elements are sure to be of great help in miscellaneous projects handling. Do share your reviews with us.

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