Top Free HTML5 Online Courses on Udemy is a place where you can learn real world skills at the comfort of your place. It offers a huge variety of courses primarily in practical subjects. Talking about developers; they have this smart option to learn developing stuff like HTML5 which eliminates the need to look for the institutes that offer the courses, enquire about the charges and attend the classes. Udemy does it all for you and that too without pricking your pockets.

HTML5 is one of the hot web technologies and is accepted worldwide across mobile and web. Developers can learn HTML5 as this cool online teacher promises to help developers with different courses that revolve around the topic to make users learn the tits and bits of the same.

Wish to know which are these free HTML5 online courses? Well, take a look at the list below in which we have added 10 carefully handpicked free HTML5 online courses on

Top Free HTML5 Online Courses on Udemy

1. Learn HTML5 Programming from Scratch by Eduonix Learning Solutions

This course is one of the most top-rated free HTML5 course available on taught by Eduonix Learning solutions with more than 88,000 students learning it. This is the ultimate free HTML5 course that will help you learn creating HTML5 websites, learn in detail about new HTML5 tags then move to advance topics like Drag and Drop, Multimedia, Geolocation, WebStorage and Application cache.

The course helps you learn all this by use of live examples and you will never in need of another course after completing. The course included lifetime access to 37 lectures and 5 quizzes, 8+ hours of quality content, 550+ discussions and certification of completion.


2. Web Development – Learn by Doing: HTML5/CSS3 from Scratch by Bradley Berger

A dream course for those who want to learn programming in HTML5 and CSS3. This course gives practical knowledge rather than teaching theory classes. This course will help you to write code in two different methods : one from scratch and other by using Dreamweaver and will also help you to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of using each method.

This course includes lifetime access to 21 lectures and community of 5400+ students learning together. You will also get certification of course completion.


3. Become Exceptional in HTML and HTML5 by Debayan Sen

This is another free course taught by Debayan Sen that will help you understand ins and outs of HTML but also the new HTML5 standards. This course is useful for both beginners and professional those who want to become exceptional in web development.

This course includes lifetime access to 34 lectures, more than 6 hours of high quality content, iPhone, iPad and Android compatibility and certification of completion.


4. HTML5 Essential for Beginners Simon Sez IT

While the above course helps you to learn both HTML and HTML5, this course taught by Simon Sez IT is created for beginners those who want to learn HTML5 essentials. With more than 400 students, the community is growing and you can easily learn with talking to other students of this course. It will help students to learn the new features and tags that HTML5 offers in detail.

This course includes lifetime access to 11 lectures and has 1 quiz that you can complete in the end to know how much you have learned, certification of completion and iOS and Android devices compatibility.


5. Blackberry 10 App Development with HTML5 by Pablo Farias Navarro

Do you want to create apps for Blackberry 10? No need to find any paid tutorial or course because this course taught by Pable Farias talked everything in detail that will help app developers to create Blackberry 10 apps with the help of HTML5.

This course includes community of 1900+ students, lifetime access to 25 lectures and more than 2 hours of quality content, certificate of completion and accessible from iPhone, iPad and Android.


6. Mastering HTML5 Programming – The Easier Way by Vishal Lamba

Being a exceptional course, it is not much popular as compared to others because of its low sound and not clear text. But, the students those who have completed the course says that it is highly professional in terms of learning because it has been created by industry professional those who are already making great HTML5 apps.

The course included 35 lectures and 7+ hours of quality content and accessible through all iOS and Android devices.


7. HTML5 Simple Game Programming Preparation by Andy Harris

This course taught by Andy Harris will help you learn building web and mobile games with the help of HTML5. The course is specially designed in such a way that you can create games even if you don’t have programming or web development experience.

This course has 24 lectures and 2 quizzes, 5+ hours of content and provides you certificate after course completion.


8. Creating an MP3 Player with HTML5 by Mark Lassoff

With more than 7114 students enrolled for the course, this is one of the most top rated free HTML5 course available on taught by Mark Lassoff. With the help of these course, developers can sharpen HTML5 and Javascript skills and learn creating a fully functional MP3 player using HTML5, Javascript and little CSS.

This course includes lifetime access to 13 lectures, 80+ discussions, accessible through iPhone, iPad and Android and you will also get certificate after completing the course.


9. Build your Own HTML5 Video Player by Stone River eLearning

While the above course will help you to learn creating your own HTML5 audio player, this course will step further and helps to you to build your own HTML5 video player by Stone River eLearning. After creating the video player, you can share the creation with others in the class.

This course included lifetime access to 8 lectures, more than 1200 students learning together and certificate when you complete the course.


10. Fast loading, Ajax, SEO friendly website with fading effect by Sebastian Sulinski

After creating HTML5 audio and video player, it is the time to create a SEO friendly Ajax built websites with fade in/ fade our content effect with the help of HTML5 History API. This course will give access to Exercise Files that help you complete the project. This course is specially for those who started learning HTML and want to learn building mobile websites with focus on SEO and new technologies.

The course included lifetime access to 9 lectures with a community of more than 3800 students.


Doesn’t sound to be a blessing that brings such useful free HTML5 online courses? Salute to the ingenious mind who came up with the idea and all the team members who are actually doing a great job. To further extend your learning, you can also check out our articles on useful websites to learn Ruby on Rails and free ebooks for developers.

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