Latest Free Email Newsletter PSD Templates

We all love freebies and anything that promises to ease our job is available handy is more than welcome. Designers, we all know are continuously making efforts to do their job as creatively as possible to provide you all with the user-experience.

For today, we have chosen latest free email newsletter PSD templates that you can use as news or as regular email and and get rid of those old styled, ordinary looking dull emails to send to big mailing lists.

These bold, classy looking best free email PSD templates that we have pinned below look great and ensure to suit all your email template design purposes. These are easily available and as already mentioned don’t come wearing hefty price tags. Once you have decide which one would be your pick, you can start designing with it right away!

The colours in each of these free newsletter templates have been chosen to keep design and function both in mind to ensure to leave an ever-lasting impression on the users. Scroll down to sneak a peek.

Latest Free Email Newsletter PSD Templates

1. Go Responsive with 7 Free Email Templates from Stampila

If you have liked the below email newsletter template, there are 6 more free email newsletter templates that are equally beautifully designed like this one. Just click on the link and put your email ID to download other 7 free email newsletter template.


2. Freebie – Canva Multipurpose Newsletter / Email Template

One of the best free PSD Email Newsletter template we found on created by ThemeCurve. This is a beautifully designed email newsletter template that can used by various professionals such as photographer, travel, web design agency, music, etc.


3. Elena Email PSD Theme released this free flat email newsletter PSD template with organized layers so you can use it according to your needs. It is beautifully designed and would be perfect for those who are in creative work such as graphic designing, photography, etc.


4. Email Template Design Tutorial – How to Design an Ecommerce Email Template

Want to create email newsletter for your e-commerce site. This article will help you to design your own e-commerce email template and even you can download the free PSD email newsletter template.


5. Free Email Template (PSD+HTML)

Flat-style designed free email template from is perfect for those who want to create newsletter for an upcoming event. The best part of this free event newsletter PSD template is availability in both PSD and HTML format.


6. Free PSD Email Newsletter Template

Minimal design is in these days and you look it everywhere, be it PSD Newsletter templates. Here is one free minimal PSD newsletter template that you can download from This PSD newsletter template is organised in layers so that you can change it afterwards.


7. 3 Free Email PSD Template Set 4

Check out 3 creative free email newsletter PSD templates that you can download from You can use these templates for various pursposes like blog, e-commerce, non-profit organization and much more.


8. Free Newsletter  Template E-commerce Style

Another free newsletter PSD template available in HTML format so that you can edit according to your needs. Perfect for those who want to create newsletter campaign for e-commerce site.


Enough of offering your users with boring and dull newsletters which they’ve seen plenty of them already instead choose from these visually stunning latest free email newsletter PSD templates. Personally, I like them all. What’s your take?

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