Useful Free Android Wear UI PSD Mockups

Android is expanding its horizon and entering the world of wearables. Yes, you heard it correct! I am talking about much hyped, Android Wear. Its the latest buzz in the world of technology that is making people drool over with the promising features.

Let me first give the gist of the cool device. The name actually does the justice by giving the idea as to what it is. It is a small, powerful device that can be worn on the body as a watch. You will get the useful information when you need the most, intelligent answers to spoken questions and lot more. Android Wear is an extension of Android platform to the new generation of wearable devices.

Coming to the point, anything that’s new in the world of technology gives designers and developers the opportunity to expand their skills and come up with smart stuff to enhance the user-experience. Same is the case of Android Wear. Ever since the announcement is made, the designers and developers are doing their homework and coming up with innovative ideas.

To help our designer with the readily available resources in the quest to ease their job, we have prepared a list of useful free Android Wear UI PSD Mockups. Incase you missed out, we recently came up with Latest Free Mobile UI PSD Kits. For now, simply scroll down and check out the cool free Android Wear UI PSD mockups that we assure will leave you amazed persuading you to pick more than one for your upcoming projects.

Useful Free Android Wear UI PSD Mockups

1. Free Moto 360 Mockup

Motorola company is coming up with Moto 360 Android Wear and if you want to create something special for this special device, Mikael Eidenberg published this free Moto 360 Mockup that you can use to put your concept or design.


2. iWatch Free Template (Megapack)

Alex Cican has used his watches to showcase your Android Wear UI. The pack contains 6 different watch styles like designer, classic, conservative at various angles.


3. Android Wear Scene PSD Template

Created by Alexander Obenauer, this free Android wear PSD template could be used to showcase Android UI in a realistic scene. It comes with a editable PSD file, you just need to put your design over the mockup.


4. Android Wear PSD Template

Another free Android PSD template created by Alexander Obenauer that you can download and use to present your Android wear UI in a style.


5. Free Google Watch PSD

Regy Parlera at published this free Google Watch PSD, just download it and use smart objects to drag and drop your work.


6. Rotary Dialer

Niklas Rekola used the above free Google Watch PSD and created this Rotary Dialer Android Wear UI and available as a PSD for you to download.


7. Moto 360: It’s Time

This is free Moto 360 watch PSD mockup created by Deepu and available in 2 versions. Just download it and show your Android wear UI in this stylish mockup.


8. Android Wear Template PSD

This is free Android Wear template PSD created by Juan Carlos Ferraris that will help you to create UI for new Android Wear.


9. Android Wear UI Design Kit for Photoshop

This is a free Android Wear UI kit created by Taylor Ling in which you will find 2 PSD files, one square and round. This free Android Wear UI kit also have few layouts like Incoming Notification, Notification Stack, Contextual Card etc.


10. Google Watch AEP Freebie

Christoph Fahlbusch created free After Effects Google Watch that contains three compositions – one is actual animation inside of the watch, one sized for @2x shots and last one that contains camera movement.


11. Android Wear GUI Elements

Want to create apps for new Android Wear, has published free Android Wear GUI elements that you can use in your creating Android Wear apps.


With this we come to an end of  the list of useful free Android Wear UI PSD Mockups. For designers these will prove to be quite helpful and the article is sure to give an idea as to how Android Wear is going to make the world go crazy. There are many more related resources which we will be coming up soon. Till then make optimum use of these Android UI PSD mockups that ensure to help you out by making your job fuss-free.


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