Flat Design vs Minimalism : Which One to Choose?

Flat is the in thing in the design world. All thanks to iOS7 that was the time when people got acquainted with flat design. Initially, people were bit baffled with the features it came endowed with but eventually everyone started loving it.

Its easy to maintain, clean, colorful, minimal, friendly, and comes with minimal distractions. Loaded with such cool features flat website design has really taken the web world by storm. There are many features like easy user interface, bold colors, sharp images, simple navigation, distinctive fonts, easy to read text that all together contribute in making flat design the choice of millions.

Designers are well aware of the fact that the flat design is two-dimensional, uses simple icons and has minimalistic approach that promises to make the website easy to manage.

Now that I have said much about flat design which is not the first time, previously we have published articles on Inspirational Collection of Creative Flat Web Designs and Flat Web Design : Pros and Cons. Many people out there might be confusing flat design with the minimalist design. Haven’t you heard anyone saying that flat design is nothing but minimal design? Of course, these two are quite different from each other for miscellaneous good reasons that many of you out there might not be aware of.

Today, I planned to write about the difference between the two and which one should designers go for while handling different design projects. In-fact, the very first point is related to flat design not being minimalist. Read on an decide for yourself which one would you want to go for.

What is Flat Design ?

Flat design over the recent few years has helped designers give facelift to the designs. Flat design is a visual aesthetic. Easy to maintain, clean, colorful, minimal, friendly, comes with minimal distractions, easy user interface. bold colors, sharp images, simple navigation, distinctive fonts are some of the outstanding features of flat design.


What is Minimal Design?

Minimalism is not recently introduced in the web world instead its been long ever since designers are focusing on minimalistic approach. Minimalism is where less is more, unnecessary things are not included, even the minutest detail counts, lesser number of colors are used, white space is given due importance, background patterns are subtle thereby resulting in visually appealing design.


Are Flat Designs and Minimal Designs Identical?

To know the difference or make your choice, one needs to understand the difference between the two and how different they are. Minimalism is one aspect of flat design but you cant assure that these fall in same category or can be called identical.

Pros and cons of Flat Design

Remember the pros and cons of flat design we listed in one of our articles? Well, if not here is a glimpse of the same and here’s the full article – Flat Web Designs : Pros and Cons!

Pros :

1. Flat Design is easier to design, maintain and update.

2.  It offers bold colors, visually appealing fonts and simple icons.

3. Flat design is soothing to eyes.

4. It has readable text.

5. There are minimal distractions in flat design.

Cons :

1. It conveys complex visuals.

2. In flat design, wrong spellings and other errors are easily noticeable.

3. There is limitation of creativity in flat designs.

4. It becomes difficlut for designers to match the color palettes.

Pros and Cons of Minimal Designs

Pros :

1. Minimalistic website has less code that ensures faster load times and increased site performance.

2. It improves the overall user experience.

3. In minimal design focus is on the content.

4. Minimal designs we all know are indeed visually appealing.

5. Minimalist web design focuses on the user-experience

Cons :

1. Designing a minimalistic website can take far more hours than designing a regular websites.

2.  Minimal design asks to put in extra efforts. If you are working on the time constrained projects, it is definitely not the best choice.

To wrap up, the main aim of this article is to make you all understand how both designing trends are different from each other and which one you should opt for. Hope this article helps you get to know more about flat and minimal designing trends. Have any other point which you think can add to the information provided? Do let us know!


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