Do you Really Need to Change your Site Design?

Web site design plays the vital role in success or failure of any online business. If the design of any website is appealing, the other things can be given the leverage upto some extent content being an exception. While on the other hand if the design of the website is dull boring or striking, confusing and has all that could prove to be an eye-sore it is sure to be a failure.

What should be done to meet the expectations of the clients, customers, viewers or users? Ofcourse the answer is look at it from the user’s perspective. Consider yourself as a viewer and see if you like it, ask your friends, fellow designers for reviews and feedback. If you get the negative feedback, don’t be disheartened, take it as constructive criticism and improve upon it. Till you are sure that the design is user-friendly don’t release it.

Well, I guess I should directly come to the point although whatever mentioned above is not waste of words instead directly connected to the article of the day. We are here not to talk about tips to follow while making a website design or Web Design Mistakes you should Avoid. Instead the topic of the day as the title says is do you really need to change your website design?

If you have launched your website long back and wondering if you need to change the design of your website for miscellaneous good reasons but bewildered wether to do it or not, then go ahead and read on.

You all will agree with me that you don’t master the skills and understand the reactions from the users till you finally roll it out and come to know what all mistakes you made in the designing part. As far as other things like content, advertisements are concerned, the fact remains that you can make changes in between but changing the design of your website is not as easy to do and make users accept it easily.

The website needs to be carefully designed in the initial stage but when the point arises where you feel its time for a change (positive and much professional) then go ahead!

Here, I am listing down the traits which if you feel your website has at current stage then its time for a change! Give your website a makeover if you start getting the feeling that you website is

Do you Really Need to Change your Site Design?

1. Appearing to be dull or impersonal

Initially, we make lot of mistakes on the designing part though our efforts and time we put in are best but it is only after certain period of time when we realize what went wrong or on what part it needs improvement. If after sometime, you start feeling that your website is giving dull or impersonal feeling then go ahead with making the changes.


2. Content is not appearing as expected

Not till the time you finally launch and start putting content on your website you come to know if your content is appearing as you expected it to. If you start getting the feeling keeping in mind the reader’s perspective that your content is becoming non-readable or the design is over shadowing the content then go about making the changes in designing part.


3. Colors are appearing to be dull or striking

Ofcourse, I am not doubting your skills or passing any judgement but then there are chances that initially you felt the choice of colors was really good and in the current state you feel there is need to make some changes then you should go ahead with it. Choose the colors that you feel will prove to be soothing to the eyes of the viewers.


4. Overuse of White Space

If after careful observation and getting feedback from your fellow designers is making you feel that that you have used the every bit of white space making the content difficult to read and confusing then you got to make some changes.

5. Not Following The Latest Web Design Trends

Web design trends change with time. If at any particular time, you feel your website is not following the latest trend and you need to make changes, go ahead with it. Also, you can check out our article ‘Do you Really Need to Follow Web Design Trends‘ if you are considering changing your web design.

Words of caution :

1. Avoid the temptation of making big changes in the urls. If it has to be done it should be very minimal.

2. It always good to understand the impact of the site design and make sure to test the redesign before finally making it public.

3. It is suggested to back up your site before changing its design.

Any change that is for good and if your gut feeling says it will prove to be in your favor, go about implementing it. There is no harm in giving your design a facelift. Changes are good at times but if you tend to do it often it will not be favorable on your part. Make sure you have a good reason for the change and the efforts on your part will make your website more user-friendly, accessible and more search engine friendly.

To wrap up, all I would say is that change is the law of nature and its good to see changes once in a while. I vouch for this statement and suggest to give your website a makeover not often however. Tastes change, as do web dynamics. What’s your say?

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