50 Creative Resume Designs of Year 2014

In the world where creativity has no limits, you can find innumerable creative things that actually make you feel really good for being the part of this era. There are ingenious minds that keep their creative  minds running to come up with the ideas that leave people stunned.

With everything going creative these days, some people thought of applying for jobs in quite a different way. We really don’t know the person who came up with this idea but salute to creative minds who think out of the box and come up with such inventive stuff.

We ensure that our readers don’t get the monotonous feelings and in the quest to make the interest generated we keep coming up with life related topics and visually appealing informative articles along with useful resources and inspirational ones. In the very initial days, we came up with the article titled what freelance designers learn from dogs that was related to our day to day routine and another one was the compilation of creative infographics which was a perfect visual treat. Here is another one that you can categorize as inspirational or visually appealing. It does the real justice for each one of them speaks out for its uniqueness and creativity.

Take a look at the creative resume designs of the year 2014. There are 50 creative resume designs of them that’s a good number with each being unique and creatively cool. Enjoy the joyride of inspirational creative resume designs that are worth applauding.

50 Creative Resume Designs of Year 2014

1. Charlotte Allen

Charlotte from UK did a splendid job creating her CV and portfolio mailer in a newspaper style. It resembles newspaper style and showcases her work in a minimal style. Click on the image to know more about one of the most creative resume.



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