Creative Showcase of Latest Mobile App UI Designs

Gone are the days when mobile phones were something lot many people dreamt of owning one but for some or the other reason didn’t. Now a days, there are as many cellphones in the family as the number of people. Mobiles have become the important part of each one’s life. One of the things one doesn’t leave home without is mobile phone.

This is the story at consumers’ end. What about the companies and ingenious minds behind every cellphone being introduced? To survive the cut throat competition, seeing boom in the number of mobile users, companies are ensuring that they roll out a mobile phones that has its USP. Why else would anyone want to buy the gadget?

From the designer’s perspective the pressure has increased as they have to work in sync and meet the demand of the consumers thereby helping mobile phone companies see the increase in sale. Designers all over are working hard to make the consumers get better user experience. But then, its not always that they work in flow. Like a writer faces a block, designers too get stuck and look for something that inspires and motivates them to come up with visually appealing and functionally smart designs.

Mobile Applications to talk about are being introduced in great numbers every now and then. There are designers who are planning to design mobile app UI designs and are seeking inspiration at one point or the other. If you are the one who is feeling like you have got stuck, here’s an inspiring compilation of creative mobile app UI designs that we anticipate you all would love checking out.

Creative Showcase of Latest Mobile App UI Designs

1. Instagram Redesign Concept

First one is iOS 8 redesign concept for Instagram app that came out to be just perfect and looks much better in comparison to the present one. Designed by Andrea Abascia, you should also check his whole portfolio for more inspiration.


2. Instagram | Material Design

If the above one is Instagram redesign concept for latest version of iOS, this one is Instagram redesign concept for latest version of Android, i.e., Material Design. Not only that, Carl Hauser also designed the app concept for new Android wear.


3. Ticket UI Animation

Designed by Michael Sambora, Ticket is an concept app that help users to buy transportation tickets in a flash. Buying transportation will never be boring if this app is launched. You can check more about the project on Behance.


4. iOS 8 Music Player

Here’s iOS 8 Music player concept design designed by Joe Oxley. We love the new colors incorporated in the design and UI has better than the default app.


5. Skype Redesign

Another redesign concept of a popular app designed by Altwork Design. In this version, you will find lot of new animation and features that may include in the future.


6. Air Serbia Flight Search App

One another redesign concept and this time it is AirSerbia designed by Aleksander Nikcevic. We loved the design and small animations used in this app concept.


7. Beurreblanc

Designed by Satu Pelkonen, this is another concept design for a cooking and recipe app. We loved each and everything about the app – UI, typography and high quality images.


8. Tap to Tell

Work of three designers, this a app named “Tell” that is a messenger with a twist. Users can send private messages to friends that can be only read once. We loved the colorful UI and little animations used in the app.


9. Dial4Me Mobile App UI/UX – iPhone & Android Phone App

Designed by Michael Henning, this app is a great inspiration for UI designers who want to create app for long distance calling in minimal rates.


10. Social App Concept

A social app concept design which came out just perfect with beautiful design, typography and color combinations.


11. Zoo Assistant (iPhone App Concept)

A fun app concept that will help users easily navigate zoo and see all animals without much fuss. Users can donate money to the zoo and also a QR scanner which help children to have more information about the animals.


12. Lappsy. Free iOS App

Designed by Arkadiusz Platek, this is a great social networking where you can share animated GIF’s with your friends and relatives.


13. Free PSD | Flat Mobile App UI

The first recipe concept app was brilliant and here’s another that take the creativity to another level. Designed by Kristijan Binski, this is beautiful recipe app concept design and it is available as a free PSD that you can use in your projects. Lovely, isn’t?


14. Newstone News Application

A news blog app where users can create own articles or add their favorite articles in the newsfeed, find new information and much more. This app is designed by Alex DS Karera.


15. Glowee

A beautiful designed by Maria Shanina that is perfect to create light paintings in your iPhone or iPad. We loved the clean and minimal design of the app with some beautiful gestures incorporated in it.


16. Privado iPhone App

You have seen “Tap” that gives user to send private message, here’s another one designed by Vitaly Rubtsov that has a dark UI with beautiful icons and animations.


17. Personal Diary Personal App

Designed by Pinal B., this is a concept app that gives users chance to enjoy features of personal diary and messenger in just one app. This app perfectly blends with flat design of iOS7 and iOS8.


18. DHL Courier App – POC

Designed by Gordon Latimer, this is a redesign concept of biggest courier service – DHL. The app features the delivery process for a courier using map, directions, camera and more.


This article reminds me of Latest Free Mobile UI PSD Kits and Useful Free iPhone 6 Vector and PSD Mockups which we published days back. Hope you liked them. For now do let us know if you have found these creative mobile UI app designs inspiring. Also, if you have designed any such mobile UI app designs, do share it with us and other designers.

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