How to Choose the Right Font for your Next Design Project

Typography you all know is one of the most important elements of any design piece. The choice of typography on the designer’s end can make or break the design piece. Therefore, it is very important for a designer to have an eye and pick the apt typography for different projects. One type of font can’t go with all other projects. So, it becomes essential to pick the right typography for design projects.

Choosing the right typeface for your various design projects can be one daunting project if you don’t understand what’s the correct way and what needs to be kept in mind while looking for the right type of typography. With over thousands of typefaces already available and more being created every day, one actually feels bewildered as to where to begin from.

Take an example of type of dress you wear for a particular occasion. Imagine someone wearing a suit or sari for the workout class or a work out dress in a wedding. How awkward it will looks? Obviously, it doesn’t gel well and the right pick for the particular occasion. Just as choosing the right type of outfit for a particular day, occasion is important so is the case with typography. Typography choices are often overlooked by many designers which is actually not the right way to prepare any design piece.

There are few important things that need to be kept in mind while choosing the right font for your designs. What are they?Lets talk about them. Before that, do not forget to check our latest free fonts and 6 free tools to create your own fonts.

How to Choose the Right Font

1. Who is the Target Audience

First and the foremost thing that needs to be kept while looking for the right type of typography to suit your need is who is the target audience, for which company you are preparing the design for. Different fonts need to be picked for bank, a financial company, technology company or likewise. You need to be really selective in choosing the right type of font for your design. Focus on your target audience while picking up the typography for your design.


2. Focus on Readability

Readability in designs is relatively quite important. Be sure to choose the font that is legible. Obviously, in today’s era, we all tend to lay focus on the cool looks and visual appeal but then readability very important. This however doesn’t mean that you should ignore the visual appeal. There are innumerable fonts available today one needs to understand the importance of font being easily readable and understood.


3. Narrow Down Your Choices

It is important to plan ahead as to what’s the tone you wish to present.  There is one thumb rule that works for all type of designs. Always select three typefaces for a design piece, one for the heading, one for the body text and one for accent. It will make your design look sophisticating, visually nice and easy to understand.


4. Word Setting and Spacing

Correct word setting and right spacing will make your design appear professional, easily readable and understood without leaving the viewer baffled as to what message you have tried to convey through your design. The typeface you choose should have allow proper word setting and spacing to make the text easily readable.


5. Professional Look

Even if you are a newbie make sure your designs don’t let viewers know. What i mean to say here is no whatever stage of designing you are at, no matter how long you have been in the field of designing; never underestimate the choice of fonts. While picking up any font for your design piece ask yourself if the font will make your design give the professional look and if the answer is no then leave that font and look for the one you feel will do the needful.


 6. Seek Help

Seeking help from your fellow designers doesn’t indicate that you are not confident or you doubt your skills and any such thing instead its a good idea to ask a professional designer if the font you have chosen for the particular project is right or not.

Its a wise idea to ask for the feedback at the initial stage, what’s the point putting in the hard work and valuable time and later realizing or asking your fellow designers. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional designer who you think would give the right suggestion.


7. Research Well

There are innumerable articles and books on typography, go about reading them which definitely will help you make the right pick. Sparing out time reading books and articles might appear to be difficult for we ll are so engrossed in our daily chore tasks but then its one fruitful activity to follow.


To warp up, all I would like to say is that keep these key points in mind before you begin any of your designing project and wondering which font would suit your design. The correct use of type can make or break your design, so ensure you spare out some time and look for the different options.

Anticipating that these points will help you make your pick of right type of font, I would love to hear your say. Would you like to add any point to the list? Do let us know.


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