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8 Useful free WordPress blogging themes


WordPress has become popular for bloggers around the world for multiple reasons including the number of themes available which can draw readers and traffic. Themes are evolving daily which focus on quality, clarity, and responsiveness. Many are mobile friendly which is highly desirable these days. Here is a list of...

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10 Fresh Free WordPress Plugins


Plugins are the best way to customize or modify a WordPress blog. Choosing the right plugins is of utmost importance to make a website or blog work and look the way a designer envisions. Here are 10 free WordPress plugins that are sure to give a fresh look to any...

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10 Handy Tutorial Sites to Learn WordPress


WordPress is a widely used platform to publish various items from blogs, to news to photography. Its popularity is due to in large part to its easy to use interface and customizing options. Potential designers can easily manage websites and blogs using WordPress as a platform. Many tutorials are available...

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Useful WordPress Drag and Drop Plugins


Drag and Drop is one of the most preferred ways of editing, customizing or creating pages on WordPress. It is equally appreciated by developers and non-technical staff due to the fact that it seldom requires any coding to produce a page. They are simple and yet effective. This helps to...

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8 Free WordPress Plugins for Mobile Sites


WordPress is one of easiest to use and access CMS solutions. WordPress offers tons of options when it comes to themes, support and plugins. It remains the number one choice for website developers. WordPress is now used to create mobile sites which are compatible according to the size of a...

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7 Awesome WordPress Plugins for Photographers 


Photographers can enjoy numerous technical benefits by utilizing the sophisticated WordPress photo/image scanning plugins listed below. There are handful of WordPress plugins that do image scanning, editing and post photos instantly. These will help create stunning images that will broaden any portfolio. 1. EWWW Image Optimizer EWWW Image Optimizer is...

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15 Best Portfolio WordPress Themes


With global business going online, it is only natural that art goes online too. WordPress is one of the best ways to showcase a portfolio to get noticed while exhibiting works of art. Word Press allows users to build and update a portfolio simply without having to use complex programming....

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10 Best Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugins 


Code Highlighting editors can make code authentication and tracking process complicated, and sometimes these tools can be difficult to operate. With the help of Syntax highlighter WordPress plugins, however, developers can do multiple jobs at once. Syntax highlighter WordPress plugins is dynamic with higher speed to help developers navigate online....

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Top 10 WordPress Themes for an eCommerce Website


When it comes to starting your own website, the key goal is to make sure that it is clean and presentable. While some may believe that they must know how to code, that isn’t always true. There are plenty of WordPress themes that you can use for your website. Here...

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11 Best Christmas WordPress Plugins to Decorate your Site


From 17 Latest Free Christmas Icon Sets 2014 to 15 Best Free Christmas Flyer Templates, and 15 Christmas Gift Ideas for Designers and Developers, TheNeoDesign team is coming up with the Christmas related articles to keep you all high in the festive spirit. Festive mood, celebrations, preprations, the joy and excitement of meeting the...

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