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10 Best Feedback Tools for Designers


Each one of us is working to make sure our target audience gets nothing but the best be it in terms of user-experience or the information we provide. What is the way to know if you have been successful in your endeavour or not? Feedback! Obviously, without feedback how would you...

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Fresh Tools of The Week [26th-April-2nd May]


Listing down fresh tools, apps and websites for designers and developers is slowly becoming the part and parcel of our weekly schedule. Each day we keep checking out the latest tools that have been introduced to help designers and developers get the ease of work flow. In the quest to...

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Best Deal Sites for Designers and Developers


‘We used to avail the deals and buy things on sale to save our hard earned money not letting it go down the drain’, I have heard my aunt say  this each time she was asked how she used to save the money. This line has actually made me understand the...

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Useful Mobile Business Apps for Freelance Designers

2014-04-28 09.39.47 pm

Over the years technology has seen immense growth to an extent that today we have applications for almost every purpose we want. I won’t be wrong in saying that our phones can help us get the work done quickly and quite efficiently. Our topic of the day revolves around apps...

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Fresh Tools of The Week [18th-April-25th April]


Designers and developers have a great job but then its very time-consuming and asks for immense hard work. For this very reason and to ease the work flow, handy tools, apps, websites are always welcome. Looking for smart solutions is obviously a wise idea but it is too quite time...

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