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9 Best PHP Tools of Year 2017

9 Best PHP Tools of Year 2017

PHP is one among the most popular programming languages used in the world. This popularity of PHP can be accepted by knowing the fact that around 2.1 million servers and 39 percent of the websites are built using PHP. Being a popular one, it is also considered as a powerful language, making it admirable for every programmer. Like any other language, PHP also contains a few concepts, which are tough to understand and execute. So, to save time, many programmers use the available PHP tools. Usage of PHP tools makes the hectic work of a programmer easy and also helps them in developing something unique.

Here in this article, we have come up with a few PHP tools for analyzing and parsing code, which you can use to enhance your programming skills.


PHP Copy Paste Detector tool will be of great help when you handle big projects. It helps you in analyzing codes and also prevents from repetitive errors. The accuracy of analyzing is perfect, offering you with easy configuration.

2. PHPCheckStyle

As a developer, you can maintain code conventions in PHP using this open source tool. It also helps you by scanning the input source codes and checking them for violation of standards. The best part of this PHP tool is that it helps beginners in understanding the basic testing and analyzing of codes.



PHP Mess Detector is another handy tool for any developer, and its Java counterpart is named as PMD. PHPMD is easy to configure and its interactive user interface makes it user friendly. This tool helps you by scanning the potential bad areas present in your code. Along with this, it also detects the bugs and sub-optimal codes.

4. Parsedown

Another consisting and swift tool for your PHP codes. The premium features provided by this tool are exciting to explore and can be proved to be the best, if used by a professional programmer.

5. Sabberworm

This tool is nothing but a parser for CSS records written in PHP. It allows you to extricate CSS records in information structure, permitting to control the structure, yielding a document in CSS form.

6. PHP Sandbox

This handy PHP tool helps you by preventing sandbox code from running any other unsafe codes.

8. PHP Analyzer

This tool performs comparable examination assignments that are preferred by the compiler. PHP Analyzer can be used to perform interface and many other sort and stream investigations. The yield report helps you in enhancing your PHP code by fixing the bugs.

9. PHP Markdown

This PHP tool is a library bundle incorporating PHP Markdown Parser. Here Markdown is a basic discussion instrument that converts even content into HTML. Using simple-to-peruse content arrangement you can compose codes without much of a stretch. After this the apparatus is changed into an organized XHTML structure.

BONUS: Detect Mobile Visitor with PHP User Agent

Here is a simple PHP script that detects Mobile USER AGENT. You can then use it on your site to offer to install you APP, or show different “mobile” content only to mobile users, or HIDE specific content for Desktop or Mobile. Or you can show different ads on your site/page, geared to specific users / smartphone types, etc. The usage possibilities are endless.

This script works for iOS, Android, Win 10 Mobile, etc.

These were the best PHP tools that you can use to enhance your programming skills. They not only enhance your skills, but also helps you and your creation turn into a professional one.

Top 10 Hosted E-Commerce Platforms

Top 10 Hosted E-Commerce Platforms

Thinking of starting an online shopping store? Consider looking into an e-commerce platform. A hosted e-commerce platform is basically a software service which allows users to showcase their products online. It allows merchants or designers to use a number of features and integrations to receive online payments. For merchants who have online businesses, it helps reduce the time spent worrying about paying for products or services. Here are some of the best e-commerce platforms available, which are sure to boost business.

1. Shopify

When looking for an e-commerce platform that will be cost effective and have a user friendly interface, Shopify is the best choice. It is available for just $14/month for the starter pack and $29/month for the basic and more reasonable version. Along with the recently launched POS, it allows users to manage their online store from desktop or mobile.


2. Volusion

One of the top notch e-commerce platforms, Volusion hosts around 900 e-commerce attributes. Not only is the platform attributed to generating $16 million in sales for users, it also provides additional services. With no transaction fees, it is available for just $15 a month and it allows users to showcase more than 100 products.

We have also found a detailed Shopify vs Volusion comparison that will help fasten your decision making process on which platform to use for your e-commerce site.


3. Big Cartel

This low-cost  hosted e-commerce platform was mainly designed for online stores selling creative products such as jewelry, arts, music, fashion and other innovative ventures. It now boasts over 500,00 stores and allows users to showcase up to 25 products for just $9.99 a month with five products free of charge. Users can display up to five photos for each product.


4. PinnacleCart

At just $29.95 a month this hosted e-commerce platform which has clients like HBO, Miami Heat and Discovery Channel is a good bet. It has 1 GB of storage space with a bandwidth of 2 GB. The fact that it allows users to link with apps like QuickBooks and Facebook makes it even more popular.


5. Wix Online Store Builder

Wix Online Store Builder provides their customers with a storage space of 20 GB along with a bandwidth of 10 GB for just $19.90 a month. This hosted e-commerce platform is a venture of the do-it-yourself website builder Wix. It is extremely easy to use and popular.


6. Bigcommerce

Entertaining over 55,000 online stores and generating a combined sales of $4 billion, Bigcommerce is available in both a paid and a free version. It allows merchants to use online shopping apps to expand their business while also  incorporating third parties like MailChimp and Visual Website Optimizer. Available for just $29.95 a month with a 1% transaction fee and 3 GB storage, users simply can’t go wrong with this platform.


7. X Cart Cloud

With an open source PHP shopping cart which is manageable for sole proprietors and available for just $15 a month for the starting pack, X Cart Cloud is an awesome option for online shop owners. It is also available for free with an array of programs to extend the X Cart online store. The paid versions offer incredible POS options.


8. 3dcart

Unlimited storage and no transaction fees, showcasing over 200 features and more, 3dcart is one cool hosted e-commerce platform that allows customers to earn points whenever they shop from a users online store and it allows users to accept Bitcoins.


9. Yahoo! Ecommerce

Highly affordable at $26 a month is not a huge bill to pay when doing business on a e-commerce platform hosted by one of the world’s biggest technology giants. Yahoo! Ecommerce, allows users to integrate directly with shipping companies like UPS. It also allows online store owners to have a 5 GB storage space with a bandwidth of 150 GB that displays over 1,000 products. It entertains over 1 million businesses and has transactions amounting to $64 billion.


10. Storenvy

At 100,000 selling brands and counting, an impressive API and free or just $5 a month,  Storenvy is hosted e-commerce platform which allows users to showcase products on their marketplace which will expand a company’s web reach to their extensive customer database.


These e-commerce platforms are definite to ease your job as an online shop owner and allow you to concentrate more on earning revenue through your sales.

12 Essential tools for startups

12 Essential tools for startups

The rate of technological development has created avenues for entrepreneurship. This decade has seen a rise in new businesses in part because the internet has been an effective medium for tapping market potential. A new business venture is a lot of hard work. But technologies and new platforms that can make the process of starting a new business easier and smoother. Here are some few online tools catering to the needs of entrepreneurs.

1. AngelList

Any new business idea needs capital. Seed funding is very important to startups if they have to check the practical feasibility of an idea. AngelList has a group of venture capitalists and investors who act as incubators to provide the initial funding for startups. It provides a good platform for entrepreneurs to connect with investors.


2. Clarity

The success of any business venture depends on the quality of ideas and advice that new owners receive. Clarity provides a marketplace to connect with industry experts and consultants before owners must make important decisions regarding capital expenditures. Clarity provides an online platform to seek expert advice for each and every aspect of a startup business.


3. Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform where ideas take physical form with the support of investors. Owners can connect with investors on their platform. 


4. Docracy3

One of the most steps involved in starting a new business is to ensure its compliance with local laws and ordinances. Docracy contains an online collection of information about legal proceedings and the required documentation and the platform to seek the help of lawyers.

5. Alibaba

Startups generally need computer systems, other electrical and electronic devices, furniture and stationary. Alibaba is a portal which connects business owners with various manufactures, wholesale dealers, retailers to choose from. It will also serve as an effective platform for customized requests and multiple bidders.

6. iPage

The Internet is a very powerful medium to share information and expand visibility. A website is an integral part of a business and iPage plays an important role in providing hosting services with a lot of features to promote businesses online. Its services include website development tools, mailing system, storage and more.

7. Sprout Social

Social media marketing helps promote a businesses brand. But managing a company’s profile over different platforms can be tedious. Sprout social provides a hassle free solution to manage various social media profiles from a single account.


8. Designhill

It is important to have a good logo design for branding as well as marketing products.  Designhill provides users with a multitude of options including ready made or customized designs. This is a platform definitely worth trying.


9. Base Camp

A project management tool is essential for a startup in order to track and manage workflow of multiple projects and teams in a business. Base camp is a cloud based tool tailor made for this purpose.


10. Survey Monkey

Survey monkey is an important tool which helps users conduct surveys and study recent trends by market research. These market studies help users in making informed decisions and improving business strategies.  Survey monkey provides a platform for conducting and comparing surveys of competitors.


11. Wave

Accounting is an important part of tracking and managing income and expenses. Wave helps in streamlining the accounting process by handling payroll, monthly invoices, and more.


12. Dropbox

Dropbox provides storage solutions for handling loads of data. This comes with a personal cloud, file synchronization which is essential for projects handled by a team.

Technology is an effective tool in hands of well informed entrepreneurs. It provides room to invest time and energy in taking business to the next level. These tools are designed to do just that. 

11 Best online form building tools

11 Best online form building tools

People often need to create forms online for various purposes. However, creating these forms is a boring and time consuming task. But thanks to a number of tools available online, the method of form building has been made super easy and super fast. The following are some of the best online form building tools that make form building simple.

1. Google Forms

When it comes to form building tools, nothing can be better than the free service offered by Google. Google Forms is a part of Google Docs which allows easy creation and sharing of forms via emails or social media so that people can respond to it.


2. Formstack

For those looking for a form building tool that allows users to customize the forms according to their marketing needs without coding, then Formstack is a great choice. It also offers multiple integrating apps and routing options too.


3. FormCrafts

FormCrafts is a premium PHP form builder which comes for a fee. However, it will quickly be worth the money considering the amazing features which include retina images, conditional fields, automatic dropdown and responsive fields. It also provides users with analysis of forms.


4. FormDesk

Working through simple hyperlinks and or iframes, FormDesk allows users to create customized forms for their needs. Whether it’s a survey, registration or application form, users can create it and share it via internet or intranet sites and also publish them on social media or send them via email.

5. Formidable

Formidable is a paid online form building website with a simple layout that helps users to create and customize forms according to their needs in a matter of a few seconds. It also allows users to edit the published form from the front end without having to visit the admin panel.


6. Orbeon Forms

For those who need to build a form that is quite large in size and consists of multiple validation points, then Orbeon Forms is a good choice. Supported by W3C XForms norms, it allows designers to use the tools in both the open source version and commercial version.

7. Typeform

Building forms online is super easy with Typeform. Just sign up on the site with an account and start building. It also provides users with a host of ways to ease the process.


8. Quform

Whether it’s a complex or a simple form, Quform makes creating it super easy. This online form building plugin by WordPress allows users to create forms in a matter of seconds. The best part of this plugin is that it requires no coding and the form can be built with just a few clicks.

9. Email me Form

Email me Form allows users to redirect visitors to any custom made messages or URLs that you want to highlight. This paid tool for online form building has multiple features including drag and drop options.


10. Formsite

Formsite offers users over 100 different kinds of pre-built forms which can be used readily on various sites. It also allows for the sharing of the forms at various sites or via email. Forms such as questionnaires, surveys, and applications can be build with Formsite.

11. Formbakery

Formbakery just requires users to drag and drop the criteria they need to create a form. Yes, it really is as simple as that. Although there is a fee, this is one of the simplest online form building tools to use.

10 Free Registry Cleaning Tools

10 Free Registry Cleaning Tools

System registries need to be cleaned regularly to improve its performance. A good cleaning will also help in keeping a computer fast and safe from malware. There is plenty of software available that offers cleaning but users need to read reviews to make sure what they plan on using before it’s installed to make sure it won’t come with malware and ruin the system.

These software packages are also useful in cleaning unwanted files from a computer. Here are some of the best free registry cleaners on the market to keep a computer running in tip top shape.

1. JetClean

This is a lightweight and easy to use registry cleaner which will remove junk files and improve PC performance.  It easily locates any junk file in a computer. This file could be in Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, DNS Cache, Error Reporting, Memory Dumps or Jump Lists. It will also rearrange applications which start up with Windows and slow down the speed.


2. CCleaner

This is a system optimization and privacy cleaning tool. It will free up the hard disc space by cleaning the unused files in the registry. It cleans almost all browsers, Windows, and of course, the registry. This is 100 percent spyware free.


3. nCleaner

nCleaner is an advance system with over 90 cleaning items including Registry Cleaner, Tweak Manager, Junk Finder, Free Space Shredder, Startup Manager and System Advisor. It will clean log files, browsers, registry entries and apply a performance improving Windows system.


4. FCleaner

This freeware will clean Windows disc registry as well as act as an optimization tool. It will remove all invalid and unwanted registry entries and speed up the system.  Users can even clean their Internet History and save their privacy with just a single click. It is a fully loaded Startup manager and Uninstaller to uninstall, repair and update software. It also cooperates with RAMRUSH to optimize memory.


5. SlimCleaner

SlimCleaner is also a lightweight cleaner which will remove all junk files and broken files from a computer to improve performance. It comes with an Optimization Tool, Disk Tools, Windows Tools, and other features which are aimed to improve system performance. The negatives are it will not allow users to see the scan results before they are deleted. Also the defragmenting feature doesn’t seem to do much. It runs for quite a long period even for a short time project.

6. EasyCleaner

EasyCleaner is completely devoted to searching for useless registry entries and deleting them. It will delete the entire temporary and backup file freeing up disc space.  Users can manage the startup program and invalid shortcuts. It is very user friendly and entirely customizable. The software also offers multi-language support.

7. jv16 Power Tools

This software includes registry tools, file tools and system tools. It will clean and fix up a computer, remove uninstalled software and its leftovers and de-clutter the device.


8. Advanced System Care

Advanced System Care includes various tools like Anti-Virus, Faster PC, Anti-Malware and Update drivers. Users can download a particular tool and run it to improve the computer. The quick care option will clean the registry and erase the junk files.


9. ACleaner

This is a safe and very easy to use privacy protection tool. It will clean up the history, cookies, cache memory and other non-required data from a browser. It includes a scanner to cleanup the registry and optimize the system. It makes a backup of all repaired entries and allowing users to restore the machine back tothe previous state easily.

10. Registry Repair

This is an intelligent engine which will help in cleaning invalid registry entries. The scanning speed is quite fast and will improve the performance of the system.

6 Open Source Mobile Development Tools

6 Open Source Mobile Development Tools

Smartphones initially were a luxury but now they have become a necessity. Smartphones act as an mini laptop and are super easy to carry. They allow users to chat, video call, maintain calendars, check emails, build presentations or even check on the kids at home while at the office.

Mobile developers want to create applications to that will allow consumers to use their phones more effectively for work and play. The applications need to be small and fast so that they don’t eat up limited phone memory. The open source community is coming up daily with new applications and is playing a key role in the growth of mobile usage. growth. Here are some apps which will enhance creativity and enthusiasm when developing products for smartphones.

1. Convertigo

This software will help in developing and deploying various apps. Convertigo can be used to create apps for almost all platforms, including Blackberry, Windows, Android and iOS.


2. Openmobster

Openmobster is an open source Mobile Enterprise Backend which can be used for syncing  by providing a private cloud. It also offers push notifications. It is available on Linux, Windows and OS X.

3. WSO2 Enterprise Mobility Manager

This tool provides mobility solutions to comprehensive enterprises. It is free, works in the cloud, and is largest platform built on a single code base. It offers various products like App Manager, Data services server, Message Broker, task server, enterprise store, cloud gateway and a development tool. There is a community of support to help in getting started.


4. APG

Android Privacy Guard is an encryption key for Android which will encrypt and sign messages and send them through verified mail. It does key management and file encryption/decryption with symmetric and asymmetric ciphers.

5. Orbot

Orbot is a free proxy app that will empower other apps to use the internet in more private manner. It allows web surfing, private chat message and privacy on twitter.


6. App Accelerator

This app will help users write JavaScript native cross-platform apps at speed of mobile. It eliminates labor intensive and error-prone manual testing by creating durable test assets which can reduce testing time up to 90 percent.  Developers can focus on building fully reusable components in JavaScript.


8 Excellent Tools to Analyse Websites

8 Excellent Tools to Analyse Websites

No matter what kind of website, whether it’s a blog, product display, business development or a simple photography display, website analysis tools will be needed to complete the design. These tools can be operated in web hosting admin panel and will help in analyzing the website top to bottom. Website analysis tools act like a critic’s eye and will highlight the strong points as well as the weak points of a website, which will lead to changes that could increase views and business.

Here’s a list of some of the best analysis tools for website designing and maintenance.

1. Web Colour Data

This tool aims to decode the color data of any web page. Enter the web address and it will extract all the colors used on it. This helps designers understand what are the common colors used and which industry prefers which color.


2. Type-o-matic

It is a browser extension that examines the font on a web page. It will count all the fonts on a page and order them by color and size. It also will display other information such as text-transform, color, font-style, font-variant, count, text-shadow and a lot of other useful data. It can be used to analyse multiple web pages and generate a report onthe findings.


3. Style Stats

This tool will analyse CSS on the website. Enter the URL and then it will take all CSS data and organize it into more readable and understandable form.  This is a good tool to evaluate the quality of the CSS used on a site. It will compare CSS data.


4. Snappy Snippet

Snappy Snippet is also a DevTool Extension to extract CSS and HTML from selected DOM subtree. It will also clean up unnecessary attributes and fix indentation in HTML code.


5. Stylify Me

This research tool will give users complete information on the font, style, typography and spacing of a site. This allows for efficient research of a site and let’s users be aware of current design trends.


6. Woorank

This tool can be used to review the website and improve ranking and online visibility through SEO, Social Media and other options.  It will display the rating at the top of the page and also review SEO. The services are free of charge once a week but can be purchased for further deep analysis.


7. Woopra

This is complete website analysis package which will do a comprehensive study on a website.


8. Feedcompare

This is a great tool to gather information about the audience of the webpage. It will tell users how many readers visit the website daily. A FeedBurner account is required to use this tool.

8 Useful Free Wireframing Tools

8 Useful Free Wireframing Tools

Web designer or developers are aware of the immense importance of the wireframing  tools in the process of designing and developing a website or web or mobile-based app. A good wireframing tool will not only provide a strong support to a developmental project but will also help clients to easily understand the design work.  Here are some of the best free wireframing tools that are a huge help to designers.

1. Lovely Charts

When it comes to a wireframing tool used in the preparation of diagrams such as flow charts, site maps, charts for the purpose of organization and wireframing the same, there is probably no better application than Lovely Charts. Just as the name suggests, this free online application helps in creating professional looking diagrams that are easy to make.


2. MockFlow

MockFlow helps in the development of web applications and sharing information with the clients. MockFlow is a wireframing tool which helps in keeping track of app development procedures. When used with the AppPlanner designers can create simple imaging of the interface to allow clients to easily understand the process.


3. Axure

What really helps while developing an app is feedback from the end users so a developer can make changes to make the app more user friendly. Axure RP is a wireframing tool which helps designers do just that. The tool not only allows the easy development apps for the web or mobile platforms but it also allows designers to develop a prototype with all the dynamic contents so theapp  can be tested by app users and sent to clients for feedback.


4. Mockingbird

With the aim of creating the most user friendly wireframing tool, the developers of Mockingbird have created a tool to help designers to develop as well as share their projects with clients. Mockingbird helps designers to not only create a mockup or wireframe of a website or mobile or web based app, but also allows designers to link, preview, and disburse it to clients so they can offer feedback.


5. Wireframesketcher

Just as the name suggests, Wireframesketcher is all about sketching a prototype or mock up of a website or mobile or web app by allowing designers to work with multiple monitors to create their own templates, icons and more. This is probably the best wireframing tool available online. It is supported by a number of OS such as Mac, Linux and Windows and produces fast and effective results.


6. Cacoo

Probably one of the coolest free wireframing tools available in the market, Cacoo offers users the ability to create a number of diagrams.  Whether it’s a sitemap, a mind map or a UML diagram, it all can be done on Cacoo with ease and in a short period of time.


7. Gliffy

Gliffy is one of the simplest wireframing tools on the market. Designers can write a few simple lines to explain what they need and Gliffy will do it for them by creating the skeleton of the website so designers  can easily understand the relationship between the various components and work on the site accordingly.


8. UXPin

Looking for a wireframing tool that is power packed yet simple to use? UXPin is the best choice. It has hundreds of designs based on a number of platforms to choose from allowing designers to create a prototype design, collaborate it, share and upload the UX document and discuss it.


We hope these tools will help in the process of designing projects. These are some of the best free wireframe tools that are perfect for design jobs.

9 Free Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers

9 Free Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers

Photoshop plug-ins are a great way to enhance the method of designing. They help prevent repetition so tasks don’t get boring. They also help to manage layers of the images with ease so they can be customized.

1. Size-Marks PS

Size-Marks PS is great for adding a label to a particular image and preserving the image in each of the layers to resize or change color or customize it. It uses Marquee tool to save the various applied labels to the images.


2. Oven

Managing assets on Photoshop can be a little bit of a headache, especially when if each layer requires a name change for the output to come out as desired. This may not always be possible and it takes up a lot of time as well. Oven plugin allows designers to do this without all the hassle.


3. LayerCraft

This Photoshop plugin is valuable for mobile UI developers. It allows the exporting of the various layers in varying scales. The layers can be exported with compatibility to both Android and iOS to create apps for a variety of platforms.


4. Velositey

Want to create website prototypes in Photoshop quickly and with ease? Try Velositey. This extension is free and includes a lot of predefined templates which can be used to create prototypes. It also has various headers, footers and contents which can be included in the project.


5. QuickGuide

Drawing guides along the various sides of the image in Photoshop has never been easier. QuickGuide comes with various kinds of presets that allows designers to define the sides of the image which can include one side, two sides or all the sides of the particular image. This also aids in deleting defined guides or the all the applied guides. It also helps in toggling an image and saving it for the future.


6. Lorem Picsum

Instead of generating various texts, Lorem Picsum helps in generating images in various forms. This Photoshop plugin allows designers to use the images in their projects which are selected from various famous TV shows and animated films like Futurama, Rio, Finding Nemo and Up among others.


7. Pictura

Adding images in a project without having to leave a work window is a blessing, as far as designers are concerned. Pictura allows designers to do just that. This plugin helps to search a particular image and insert it into the design without having to leave or exit a work station.


8. Ink

Creating a fabulous design in Photoshop is easy. But converting the design into a working prototype may be a bit harder. It requires a lot of formatting like changing the font sizes, the alignment of the components, the family of fonts used and the layer alignments. Ink helps designer to do all these with ease by providing the statistical data.


9. Composer

Layer composition is an important factor in the process of designing. But the layers need to be saved separately as different files to be used in designing. Composer allows designers to save the various layers as a single file so that using it in designing jobs in the future with just a click.


These are probably some of the best Photoshop plugins which help in designing the projects within deadline

10 Sublime Text Packages for Developers

10 Sublime Text Packages for Developers

It’s time to get technical: Sublime text is a cross-platform text and source code editor with a Python Application Programming Interface (API). It supports many programming languages and mark-up languages. Its functionality can be extended with plug-ins which are usually available free of charge. It is a very simple code editor with lots of features which can be explored with time. There are various shortcuts as well which are available for common editing, file crawler, spell checking, changing the theme of the text or the icon or sorting CSS. It offers a command palette which uses adaptive matching for quick keyboard invocation of arbitrary commands.

Sublime text also offers auto completion of entries according to user language and preference. Even though it is a complete package users can opt for enhancements by using plug-ins. Various plugins like Package control, SublimeLinter, Sublime Enhancements or Terminal, increase the advantages of Sublime Text. Let’s discuss some of the Sublime Text packages which any front end website developer should use:

1. AlignTab

AlignTab is used for aligning codes and is one of the most flexible alignment codes. Some of the features are :

–          Align using regular expression

–          Multiple cursor support

–          Table and Live mode

–          Custom Spacing, padding, and justification

–          Smart alignment detection in absence of lines

2. ColorHighlighter

This plugin previews hexadecimal color values by underlying the selected hex codes in different styles and colors. It also provides options for color picking and color format convertion to easily modify the colors.


3. MultiEditUtils

With this plugin users can edit multiple facets together. Users can also split the selection using some default commands. This code is useful in extremely long codes and saves lot of time. With many features like the jump_to_last command the cursor will directly jump to last, while strip_region command will strip all white spaces.


4.  Git Gutter

This plugin is useful when you are using Git. Git Gutter will flag all the gutter area whether it’s edit, addition or removal done in the code. This way users can easily compare their existing code with the original head code. There are various color themes available for icons which include Neon, Glacier, Cobalt, Fox2 etc.

5. Modific

Modific is very useful to track the changes done before the last commit. By pressing Ctrl + Alt + D users can compare all the changes and view the difference. Users can also preview the committed code for the current line and reverting code modifications.

6. Inc Dec Value

This feature will allow increasing or decrease numbers, hex color values, dates, etc. simultaneously. Users can even change letters to upper and lower case or capitalize all the data. Users can increase or decrease the value using the mouse wheels or pressing Alt + up/down arrow alternatively.

7. File Browser

With this you can navigate files or folders within the project directory. After installing this plugin a side bar appears where users can navigate through the files without moving from keyboard. This will definitely increase work productivity and work flow.


8. IconFont

This plugin provides snippets for fonts like Typicons, PaymentFont or FontAwesome. It is just like the HTML snippets where the abbreviation will be expanded to full length for each icon.

9. DistractionFreeWindow

This plugin allows users to work without distractions. It is very simple and subtle.


10. FilterLines

This is simple search tool that allows users to search a keyword or a string. It is useful to search through lengthy data.