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9 Best PHP Tools of Year 2017


PHP is one among the most popular programming languages used in the world. This popularity of PHP can be accepted by knowing the fact that around 2.1 million servers and 39 percent of the websites are built using PHP. Being a popular one, it is also considered as a powerful...

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Top 10 Hosted E-Commerce Platforms


Thinking of starting an online shopping store? Consider looking into an e-commerce platform. A hosted e-commerce platform is basically a software service which allows users to showcase their products online. It allows merchants or designers to use a number of features and integrations to receive online payments. For merchants who...

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12 Essential tools for startups


The rate of technological development has created avenues for entrepreneurship. This decade has seen a rise in new businesses in part because the internet has been an effective medium for tapping market potential. A new business venture is a lot of hard work. But technologies and new platforms that can make...

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11 Best online form building tools


People often need to create forms online for various purposes. However, creating these forms is a boring and time consuming task. But thanks to a number of tools available online, the method of form building has been made super easy and super fast. The following are some of the best...

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10 Free Registry Cleaning Tools


System registries need to be cleaned regularly to improve its performance. A good cleaning will also help in keeping a computer fast and safe from malware. There is plenty of software available that offers cleaning but users need to read reviews to make sure what they plan on using before...

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6 Open Source Mobile Development Tools


Smartphones initially were a luxury but now they have become a necessity. Smartphones act as an mini laptop and are super easy to carry. They allow users to chat, video call, maintain calendars, check emails, build presentations or even check on the kids at home while at the office. Mobile...

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8 Excellent Tools to Analyse Websites


No matter what kind of website, whether it’s a blog, product display, business development or a simple photography display, website analysis tools will be needed to complete the design. These tools can be operated in web hosting admin panel and will help in analyzing the website top to bottom. Website...

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8 Useful Free Wireframing Tools


Web designer or developers are aware of the immense importance of the wireframing  tools in the process of designing and developing a website or web or mobile-based app. A good wireframing tool will not only provide a strong support to a developmental project but will also help clients to easily...

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9 Free Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers


Photoshop plug-ins are a great way to enhance the method of designing. They help prevent repetition so tasks don’t get boring. They also help to manage layers of the images with ease so they can be customized. 1. Size-Marks PS Size-Marks PS is great for adding a label to a...

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10 Sublime Text Packages for Developers


It’s time to get technical: Sublime text is a cross-platform text and source code editor with a Python Application Programming Interface (API). It supports many programming languages and mark-up languages. Its functionality can be extended with plug-ins which are usually available free of charge. It is a very simple code...

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